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Custom DVD Covers and Inserts

Someone got bored with the DVD cover of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! So, this girl just went and made (I repeat, made) her own DVD covers for the August 6 release. She made 11 DVD covers and 3 inserts, that you can print out yourself, at

Now, let me tell you, these are professional in make, and very, very good looking.
P.S. Legolas fans, there’s a cover specifically for you! Enjoy!

It’s only a number…

Here is an interesting article at Video Business–New Line Cinema is still not telling how many copies of The Fellowship of the Ring have been sold.

Two Towers pictures for you!

Empire Movies has some good TTT pictures–I think we have seen most of them via the trailer, but these stills are good quality.

Tolkien is just the greatest!

J.R.R. Tolkien made the list of 100 greatest Britons–the story is at Yahoo, the BBC conducted the poll. Will he make the top ten? Only time will tell.

CoE Seeking a News/Store Admin

The Council of Elrond is seeking a new admin to oversee the store and to help with the news. Click Read More to find out more about it.

The Two Towers to premier in France

The second installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is set to premiere in Paris, France – Des Partridge of the Queensland newspaper The Courier Mail reports…

Because he is just so huggable…

Gollum has made Entertainment Weekly‘s list of all time best computer-generated characters!

Stamp of approval

Lord of the Rings collectable postage stamps can be found at County Stamp Center.

What a treat!

The latest at Tolkien Movies is that Houghton-Mifflin Publishers are going to re-release the trilogy, this time with a scene from each movie on each volume. The cover for Return of the King looks great!

This one has got wings!

The Balrog will be in pre-order mode at Sideshow Toy on Monday, August 19. Only one-thousand to be sold!