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Forces of Darkness

At the official site you will now find a nice Quicktime video–short interviews of Christopher Lee, Brad Dourif, Richard Taylor (Director of WETA’s workshop) and Peter Jackson–interspersed are scenes old and new, i.e., TTT. Tiny, yes, but informative, too.

Crazy like a fox for TTT?

At FOX News there is a blurb on what is in store–he has “seen advance footage”.

New Wallpapers!

I’ve just added over a dozen new wallpaper downloads to the multimedia section. Some of them are very nice, so please go check them out. Also, if you’ve made some wallpapers, screensavers, Winamp skins, or whatever, we’d be happy to make them available for download here at CoE. Please PM me if you’re interested.

New Posters?

Scrounging around on several different sites has revealed images for various posters for the Two Towers. Click Read More to view them.

New Trailer to be Released on Sept. 30

I was just sent the following press release from New Line Cinema, which states that the new trailer for the Two Towers will be released exclusively through AOL on Sept. 30 at midnight. Those of us not using AOL will be able to view it one day later on the official Lord of the Rings Site. Click Read More to view the press release.

CoE is back!

Sorry about the downtime. Our server host had some serious technical difficulties today, and as I’m sure you noticed, the site was down for most of the day. Please note that the host is still having some problems, and so we may continue to experience technical difficulties over the next day or so. Thanks for your patience.

Crossword Puzzles

The Council has just added crossword puzzles to the games section. Try them and see how you do!

Also, we’re still looking for people to make more puzzles. If you’re interested, PM Rivka and she’ll tell you how to do it.

Did you forget what day it is?

Well it’s Hobbit Day! and We hope you’ve had a happy one. Don’t forget to send your friends one of our great new eCards in honor of this most joyous occaision!

More stamps of approval

Here is an interesting article at Consignia –Christmas postage stamps from Britain’s Royal Mail! To quote a bit: “The promotion offers customers buying a book of 12 First Class Christmas stamps the opportunity to ‘Find the One Ring and win £1m’ plus other first class prizes.”

Happy Birthday Bilbo! Happy Birthday Frodo!

You say it’s your birthday? Well it’s their birthday too (yeah). Celebrate the 22nd of September with a treat from New Line Cinema. Special sale prices in their honor!