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Sony Ericsson Empire Awards – nominations announced!

The nominations for the 2004 Sony Ericsson Empire Awards have now been announced and RotK leads the way with nominations in 8 categories! Sean Astin and Viggo Mortensen are both up for Best Actor and Sir Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Orlando Bloom are all up for Best British Actor. You can read the full story at Empire Online and to vote go here.

Voting is open until 3rd February

Thank You, CoE Members!

I want to thank everyone who donated so generously to help us cover our monthly costs and keep the site up and running. Thanks to your many donations, we now have enough money to cover this month, and next month’s fees! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, on behalf of myself, and the rest of the staff. Thank you for your patience with the sign on the front door, and I certainly hope we won’t have to do that again anytime soon!

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, and are still dying to do so, you definitely still can. The site is charged $300 every month for our server, software, and maintenance, and we will continually need further donations to keep it running. All donations are gratefully received!

Avatar Changes

Over the next day or so, you may notice that your avatar is broken. We are currently putting in place a new avatar system — please be patient while we work on this. Once it’s in place, you’ll find changing your avatar much easier.

Lord of the Rings as a dating manual?

In a light hearted article at AlterNet Liz Langley discusses her interpretation of LotR as a dating manual and shares some of the dating tips she has found within the trilogy.

New Line Awards

The site New Line Awards has been updated with information about RotK’s eleven Oscar nominations. There are four video clips, including “The End of All Things” and “I Know Your Face”, as well as a sample from the soundtrack and part of Into the West to listen to.

Official site update

The Official Site has a new Golden Globe gallery, with pictures from the award ceremony.

Some RotK DVD details

A short article at USA Today gives some brief quotes from PJ about the Oscar nominations and the Golden Globes. There are some details about the RotK EE DVD running time and when it’s going to be released. There’s also some news on when the theatrical DVD is likely to come out – according to this article it’s earlier than you might have thought!.

New video clips

The official site has recently added five new clips from RotK! The clips require Quicktime to view.

RotK continues to climb the charts

The latest charts at Box Office Mojo show that Return of the King has moved up 3 places since last week and is now number 6, with worldwide gross box office takings of $876.5 million. RotK has now overtaken Finding Nemo, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and The Fellowship of the Ring!

Happy Birthday Frodo!

Today, January 28th, Elijah Wood (Frodo) turns 23! Happy birthday, Elijah!