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Isildur, a novel (in Fanfiction)

…parade. From somewhere in the ranks a deep baritone voice burst into song and soon others joined in, blending their voices of many lands in an ancient song of homecoming….

Middle Earth Adventures (in Subject Articles)

tour Provides excellent information about Wellington Excellent source of Queenstown tourist information Information about Tongarriro National Park Nelson Helicopters official website Mt Potts Station information…

2.05.*b The Bridge of Khazad-dûm (in Movies vs. Books)

How did it happen in the movie? After Frodo has survived the stab of the Orc-spear in the Chamber of Mazarbul, the company runs back into the great hall, in

2.05.*a The Chamber Of Mazarbul / Balin’s Tomb (in Movies vs. Books)

…of Balin son of Fundin, his cousin, and corpses of slain Dwarves scattered all across the floor. While Gandalf is reading from the book he found amidst wreckage, Pippin accidentally…

The Fellowship of the Ring’s Destruction (in Subject Articles)

…list of duties, Merry and Pippin ran into the council. MERRY: We’re coming too! PIPPIN: You’ll have to send us pants tied up in a sack to stop us! Elrond…

Sewing Dressy Clothes with an Elven Touch: Sample garments w/photos (in Crafts)

…disaster when working on a graduation dress, I found this lovely delicate crinkled chiffon fabric with tone-on-tone curly vine embroidery, again at Joann’s. It was available in a pale blue…

Elven Realms: Easy Elvish Touches for Elves with Tight Budgets (in Crafts)

…object you are going to attach it to. Apply wood glue to the applique and, following the directions on the glue container, attach it to your cabinet. Stain or paint…

Chapter 2 (in Fanfiction)

…why, too. Told her not to worry. Told her Ada is very good. Three months later – Awoke this morning to Faramir strangling Aragorn. He kept screaming that he “knew…

Fays for Tea (in Fanfiction)

To Tom B’s house by the river. Shiver! Giver! A wizard came to pay a call At old Tom’s house by the river. In they went and Goldberry sent To

The Forgotten Hobbit (in Fanfiction)

…back into the bush, she undid her bag and peered in. She had just selected what to eat when the pain in her tummy struck again. Not a constant pain,