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Lots of new ‘Battle of Five Armies’ images

Entertainment Weekly has released a tapestry full of images from the film. The tapestry can be found here .

Brief bios, accompanied by full face closeups, of all thirteen Dwarves can be found here .

A great still of Azog and the Orc army can be found here .

Click here for a movie still of Thranduil, Thorin, and Bard.

The cover art for the Motion Picture Soundtrack CD can be found here .

Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition expected Nov. 3rd

More information about the Blue Ray extended edition can be found here .

Hobbit Fan contest, Colbert moderates Comic Con panel, New Peter Jackson Interview, New Teaser trailer to be released

A new contest, starting August 25th, that will bring 150 fans(75 winners each with a friend) to New Zealand for the premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, was announced yesterday at Comic Con. Details of the announcement can be found here and the contest page can be found here .

You can click here for more information about the Hobbit Cast panel, moderated by Stephen Colbert, at Comic Con.

Click here for Deadline’s Comic Con interview of Peter Jackson.

More info on the goings on at Comic Con and a look at the teaser for today’s The Hobbit; The Battle of Five Armies Teaser Trailer can be found by clicking here for The Hobbit Film’s Facebook page and you can also here for more updates, on Peter Jackson’s Facebook Page

UPDATE- the Teaser Trailer can be found here . .

Friday News Update: new Lego displayed at SDCC, Tolkien Biopics in the Works, Heavy Metal Tolkien, and New The Battle of Five Armies Pics

Click here to see TNI`s coverage of the new Lego 866 piece ‘The Lonely Mountain’ set.

Click here to be taken to Rolling Stone’s coverage of the two planned Tolkien biopics.

Click here here to learn, thanks to Virtual Festivals, what Tolkien’s books inspired in many of the acts that will be appearing at Bloodstock Open Air 2014.

Click here to see, thanks to legendarium, three new Hobbit Movie pics recently released at Comic con.

New ‘The Battle Of Five Armies’ Poster released for Comic-Con

Click here to view the new poster.

New Cartoon style ‘The Hobbit’ pics

Click here to be taken to ‘Flicks and Bits’ for some artwork that may help you bide the time while you are waiting for the release of the new ‘Battle of Five Armies’ trailers.
But if that isn’t enough you can click here for more information; Hobbit coverage at Comic-con, and a new still from the movie.

Battle of Five Armies trailer details finally stated

Details on when we can expect the full trailer and teaser trailer for ‘The Hobbit, The Battle of Five Armies’ have been posted on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page and can be found here .

John Howe Interview Published.

Technology and culture site boingboing has just released the transcript of an Ethan Gilsdorf interview, from Jan 2013, of Tolkien Artist and Illustrator John Howe. The interview can be found here .

Thorin to remain alive?

According to this Ecumenical News article, Thorin is NOT killed in the movie.
Any comments?

Viggo Unhappy with PJ’s use of CGI

In a recent interview for the Telegraph Viggo Mortensen, who was cast as Aragorn in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy, expressed his unhappiness with the way Peter Jackson’s used of CGI in his films starting with ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.
Details about this can be found here, and the entire interview, which was part of the promotional tour for Mortensen’s role in ‘The Two Faces of January’, can be found here.