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Amon Hen

Description: Legolas shoots his bow and Aragorn fights an orc at Amon Hen 1024x768

Date Submitted: December 4, 2004

Aragorn & Legolas collage

Description: 1024 x 768: Collage of Aragorn & Legolas in TTT

Date Submitted: May 31, 2003

Aragorn and Legolas

Description: 800 x 600: The man and elf are a great pair.

Thanks to Lee's LOTR Wallpapers

Date Submitted: February 2, 2004

Aragorn and Legolas

Description: Estelio guru lîn ne dagor. Ethelithach.

Date Submitted: May 27, 2007

Aragorn and Legolas - The Last Battle

Description: 1024 x 768: Special wallpaper created for a friend. Showing Battle Scenes and Characters.

Date Submitted: May 4, 2004

Helm's Deep

Description: 800x600. Features Aragorn and Legolas at the Battle of Helm's Deep.

Date Submitted: August 6, 2004

Legolas and Aragorn

Description: 1024 x 768: "Forgive me, I was wrong to despair..."

Date Submitted: June 26, 2003


Description: A nice wallpaper of Legolas and Aragorn.

Date Submitted: April 18, 2007

LOTR Collage

Description: A wallpaper that says Lord of the Rings, The two Towers. Aragorn, Legolas, Borimir, Gimli and Gandalf.

Date Submitted: April 30, 2007

Loyal Friends

Description: In presence of a friend...words are superlfuous (800x600)

Date Submitted: July 24, 2006

Preparing for Battle

Description: 1024 x 768: Aragorn and Legolas argue before battle at Helm's Deep

Date Submitted: June 8, 2003