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Aragorn (117)
Arwen (139)
Boromir (31)
Elrond (33)
Elves (15)
Ëomer (17)
Ëowyn (66)
Faramir (35)
Gandalf (38)
Gimli (12)
Gollum (15)
Haldir (22)
Legolas (93)
Saruman (10)

A Hobbit love - Sam & Rosie

Description: A very simple wallpaper of Sam and Rosies wedding

Date Submitted: April 27, 2005

All of Middle Earth Shall Perish...

Description: The destruction of Middle Earth upon the failure of the Fellowship... (well.. what it might look like at least... )

Date Submitted: November 9, 2006


Description: A wallpaper of Anar and Isil, the sun and moon.

Date Submitted: September 8, 2006

And in the Darkness Bind Them

Description: An image of the evils of the One and what it's capable of... (well that's what i was aiming for anyway) Slight change from the "All shall perish.." background i did, but with a different picture of the Ring. Text obviously from Ring Poem.

Date Submitted: November 9, 2006


Description: Tilion being drawn by the splendor of Arien becomes scorched by her flame.

Date Submitted: September 8, 2006

AnE No Ship

Description: Arwen and Elrond

Date Submitted: June 1, 2007

Aragorn and Faramir

Description: Aragorn and Faramir Sons of Gondor!

Date Submitted: April 18, 2007

Aragorn and Gandalf - War

Description: A very large, and complicated wallpaper - 1024x768, and uses reds, yellows, and orange hues, with the theme of war.. quenya writing...

Date Submitted: May 17, 2004

Aragorn and Theoden - Morannon

Description: A wallpaper with Aragorn and Theoden before the Black Gates

Date Submitted: June 14, 2005

Aragorn, Arwen and Eowyn

Description: 800 x 600: Wallpaper featuring Elessar, Evenstar and the White Lady

Date Submitted: October 23, 2003

Aragorn's Choice

Description: 1024 x 768: This is a picture of Aragorn and his choice (Arwen or Eowyn)

Date Submitted: January 9, 2004

Aragorn's Choice

Description: 1024x768: Aragorn, Arwen, and Eowyn

Date Submitted: April 20, 2003


Description: A simple Wallpaper of the Argonath.

Date Submitted: December 26, 2009

Arwen & Eowyn....

Description: 800 x 600: This was made as a joke, so please take it only as humor :)

Date Submitted: August 8, 2004

Arwen and Éowyn Wallpaper

Description: 1024x768: The Flowers of Middle Earth...

Date Submitted: March 24, 2003

Ash Mountains of Mordor

Description: Background I made which the Ash Mountains are in the background and the White Tree, J.R.R. Tolkien's symbol, and the Eye of Sauron are shown in front.

Date Submitted: November 15, 2018

Balrog Wallpaper

Description: 1024 x 768: A wallpaper featuring abandoned production art of the balrog

Date Submitted: November 26, 2003

Barliman Butterbur

Description: 1024x768 Barliman Butterbur of the Prancing Pony!

Date Submitted: June 17, 2007

Battle for Middle Earth

Description: The threatening darkness and the heroes that stand against it.

Date Submitted: May 21, 2007

Beren and Lúthien

Description: (640 x 480) Art by Helio Figueiredo.

Date Submitted: January 29, 2006