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Aragorn (117)
Arwen (139)
Boromir (31)
Elrond (33)
Elves (15)
Ëomer (17)
Ëowyn (66)
Faramir (35)
Gandalf (38)
Gimli (12)
Gollum (15)
Haldir (22)
Legolas (93)
Saruman (10)

The Force of Eru and those Who Serve Him

Description: Some suggestive images that reveal one of the ideas of LotR

Date Submitted: May 31, 2007

The four hobbits

Description: You can see the four hobbits. In every corner their is a picture of the four hobbits together and in the middle are the hobbits individually. Then a horizontal line with the ring which divides the corner pictures...

Date Submitted: July 26, 2005

The Great Eye and the Elven Rings

Description: A wallpaper with an old drawing by Mike Brinza, featuring the Great Eye of Sauron, the Three Elevn Rings and the Ring-text. (800x600)

Date Submitted: July 12, 2005

the Great Eye of Souron

Description: A picture of the Great Eye

Date Submitted: April 26, 2007

The Heros of Gondor

Description: The Heros of Gondor's Wallpaper

Date Submitted: October 6, 2005

The heros of Middle-earth

Description: The Heros of Middle-earth

Date Submitted: November 8, 2005

The House of Eorl

Description: King Eomer and King Theoden - and the House of Eorl! Ride for Rohan!!!!!

Date Submitted: January 9, 2009

The Last Alliance

Description: [1024 x 768] I needed a new, dark wallpaper for my own computer, and this was the result =)

Date Submitted: August 29, 2005

The Last Alliance

Description: 1024x768 The Last Alliance between men and the elves.

Date Submitted: November 30, 2006

The Last Alliance 2

Description: I was tinkering with the first wall and I liked how it came out. It's basically the first ver. just a little more dirty looking. It's the addition of the "Ring" that make the difference. The "Ring" is a brush made by Arwen at

Date Submitted: November 30, 2006

The Lord of the Rings Character Collage

Description: A collage of The Lord of the Rings characters as seen at the end of ROTK. Size 1024x786 pxls

Date Submitted: August 28, 2007

The One Ring

Description: 1024x768: Simple, but effective!

Date Submitted: February 11, 2003

The One Ring

Description: A great wallpaper of The One Ring, the scene wherein Bilbo let the Ring go off his hand.

Date Submitted: August 23, 2005

The One Ring - wallpaper

Description: 800 x 600: The One Ring

Date Submitted: January 25, 2003

The Passing of Theoden

Description: I made this wallpaper to try and capture the emotion of the scene of Theodens death. I used the sunset to represent the fact that the sun was setting on his time as king. (deep huh?)

Date Submitted: July 7, 2004

The Paths of the Dead 2

Description: Leggy,Aragorn and Gimli on the Paths of the Dead! Enjoy!!!

Date Submitted: November 9, 2008

The Quest: Frodo and the Ringwraith

Description: 1024 x 768: The first in "The Quest" series I am planning...

Date Submitted: April 29, 2003

The Red Book

Description: 800 x 600: Caps are property of CoE and War of the Ring.

Date Submitted: August 8, 2004

The Return Of The King: Aragorns Coronation

Description: 1024 x 768: This was my third attempt at getting a decent wallpaper based around Aragorns Coronation. Hope you guys like it!

Date Submitted: July 6, 2004

The Ring and the Eye of Sauron

Description: Frodo holding the Ring with a flash of the Eye of Sauron

Date Submitted: May 5, 2005