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Aragorn (117)
Arwen (139)
Boromir (31)
Elrond (33)
Elves (15)
Ëomer (17)
Ëowyn (66)
Faramir (35)
Gandalf (38)
Gimli (12)
Gollum (15)
Haldir (22)
Legolas (93)
Saruman (10)

Elves - The Passing of Grace

Description: 800 x 600: Wallpaper picturing Elrond, Galadriel, and Arwen, and referencing the passing of the elves from Middle-earth.

Date Submitted: November 7, 2003

Elves - To the Sea

Description: 1024 x 768: To the sea...

Date Submitted: July 8, 2003

Enchanting Rose

Description: I decided to make one of my favorite hobbit-lass! :D

Date Submitted: May 30, 2007

Eomer & Eowyn

Description: A wallpaper made of Rohan's Kin, Eomer and Eowyn.

Date Submitted: June 30, 2005

Eomer and Eowyn

Description: 800 x 600: Features pictures of Eomer and Eowyn - the son and daughter of Rohan.

Date Submitted: November 7, 2003

Eowyn & Theoden

Description: An Eowyn and Theoden wallpaper from a lovely scene in RotK

Date Submitted: August 15, 2004

Eowyn and Arwen

Description: 800 x 600: Collage featuring both Eowyn of Rohan and Arwen Evenstar

Date Submitted: November 7, 2003

Eowyn and Eomer

Description: Eowyn and Eomer in ROTK in Edoras

Date Submitted: July 12, 2007

Eowyn and Wormtongue

Description: Eowyn and Wormtongue in TTT

Date Submitted: May 3, 2007

Even the smallest person...

Description: Galadriel encourages frodo in the Golden Wood of Loríen. 800x600.

Date Submitted: May 4, 2004

Eveningstar & Morningstar

Description: The Night & Day, 2 different fates.....i am really proud of this. i worked hard to find just the right pics, they had to match, and represent each other's fates. the expressions on their faces did that . Arwen is solem, while Galadriel is smiling. they are bothin their hooded cloaks, and the upper pics are almost identical...i also had to find the right colors too... and i had to make up a little poem-like thing to i think by far this is my fav wallpaper i have made :)

Date Submitted: August 6, 2004

Evenstar and Greenleaf

Description: 800 x 600: Two of our favorite Elves, Arwen and Legolas (this is NOT a Legolas/Arwen couple wallpaper...I just thought it an interesting subject)

Date Submitted: November 26, 2003

Evil of Mordor

Description: There is an evil that does not sleep...

Date Submitted: June 17, 2007


Description: The Evil Leaders of the War of the Ring.

Date Submitted: December 19, 2007

Fall of Gil-Galad

Description: 800 x 600: A background featuring the part of the poem 'The Fall of Gil-Galad' that Sam quoted in FotR, along with one of...well, probably half a dozen shots actually out there from the movie of Mark Ferguson as Gil-galad.

Date Submitted: May 4, 2004

Fallen Hero

Description: A common grief

Date Submitted: March 23, 2005

Family of Gondor

Description: 1024 x 768: A wallpaper featuring Denethor during the War of the Ring, and the two brothers together during far happier times.

Date Submitted: January 17, 2004

Faramir and Pippin 1

Description: Faramir and Pippin in Gondor in ROTK

Date Submitted: July 6, 2007

Farewell - Elrond and Arwen

Description: 800 x 600: Arwen and Elrond counseling each other, and saying goodbye...

Date Submitted: May 24, 2003

Fear and Doubt - The Trilogy

Description: 1024 x 768: A desktop background from the trilogy.

Date Submitted: March 2, 2004