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Billy & Dom Bookmark

Description: Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan

Date Submitted: June 6, 2005

Dancing friends

Description: True friends are hard to find. Including Cindy Lew quote: "Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends." They seem to have fun, don't they? :)

Date Submitted: November 8, 2005

David and Miranda

Description: The beautiful Miranda and the handsome David!

Date Submitted: October 3, 2006

Elijah and Sean

Description: elijah and sean

Date Submitted: May 12, 2005

Elijah and Sean

Description: Elijah and Sean bookmark

Date Submitted: September 1, 2005

Elijah, Dom and Billy

Description: Elijah, Dominic, and Billy.

Date Submitted: July 7, 2005

Hobbits having fun!

Description: The hobbit guys playing around.

Date Submitted: September 28, 2006

Karl & Viggo Bookmark

Description: The two most gorgeous actors together! Karl and Viggo!

Date Submitted: June 4, 2005

Karl and Orlando

Description: A bookmark featuring Karl Urban and Orlando Bloom

Date Submitted: November 15, 2005

Liv and Elijah Bookmark

Description: Enjoy your Book!!

Date Submitted: October 3, 2006

Orlando and Elijah

Description: A nice duo to have gracing the pages of your favourite book!

Date Submitted: May 11, 2005

Sean & Orlando

Description: Sean and Orlando...glad my daughter left me plenty of cast pictures to use!

Date Submitted: May 5, 2005

Viggo and Orlando Bookmark

Description: Viggo and Orly!

Date Submitted: October 3, 2006