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A Star...

Description: 800 x 600: A simple design using a favourite Sam quote!

Date Submitted: January 24, 2005

Into the West

Description: 1024 x 768: A wallpaper based on the theme of the Grey Havens and the song "Into the West"

Date Submitted: May 4, 2004

Limeisafruit Sam

Description: This is a wallpaper featuring Sam Gamgee. Its a part of my collection called Lotr OD 1.

Date Submitted: September 14, 2005

No place like home

Description: There's no place like home

Date Submitted: March 22, 2006


Description: 800 x 600: Samwise The Brave

Date Submitted: March 2, 2004


Description: A wallpaper of Hobbiton with several insets of Sam, with extracts from his conversation with Gandalf and Frodo in Bag End from Chapter II of the Fellowship of the Rings.

Date Submitted: May 23, 2005


Description: Sam wallpaper

Date Submitted: May 31, 2005


Description: Sam

Date Submitted: June 9, 2006


Description: A Sam wallpaper with some of his best quotes, featuring "Even darkness must pass".

Date Submitted: September 15, 2010

Sam - Loyal Comrade

Description: 800 x 600:

Permission to make this available given by Lee's LOTR Wallpapers

Date Submitted: February 2, 2004

Sam - Shelob's Lair

Description: 1024 x 768: Wallpaper of Sam in Shelob's Lair, and wielding the Light of Earendil. Permission to make this wallpaper available given by Minas Tirith LOTR Wallpapers. Do not redistribute.

Date Submitted: July 22, 2004

Sam & Rosie

Description: Sam and Rosie wallpaper: everything changes but you. [1024x768]

Date Submitted: January 3, 2009

Sam & Rosie

Description: Sam and Rosie: everything changes but you. (With "Sam and Rosie" text.) 1024x768

Date Submitted: January 3, 2009

Sam Wallpaper

Description: A wallpaper of Sam crying, with words from the trailer around him.
800 x 600
1024 x 768

Date Submitted: January 17, 2004

Sam Wallpaper

Description: 800 x 600: Sam: “There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for!”

Date Submitted: June 27, 2004

Samwise Gamgee

Description: 1024x768 Samwise Gamgee the most famous of gardeners

Date Submitted: December 4, 2004