The name means '[He-Who-Is] of-trees'. His true name was Anardil, meaning 'devoted to the sun'. He was also called the Mariner King, the Great Captain, and Lord of the Ships and Havens of Númenor.

Son of Tar-Meneldur and Almarian, and sixth of the Kings of Númenor. Husband of Erendis.

The golden-haired king was a great explorer, he founded the guild of sailors and explorers called the Venturers. His home (before he was king) was a great ship called Eämbar. He also planted large forests in the Hyarrostar to provide wood for his shipwrights. He sailed from Númenor to Middle-earth in a ship built for him by shipwrights of Rómenna. The ship's name was Hirilondë, meaning 'Haven-finder'. One of the first settlements he founded in Middle-earth was the port of Vinyalondë, on the mouth of the River Gwathló.

In Aldarion the male descent of Elros (Tar-Minyatur, the first king) failed. On his death, Númenor turned to its first ruling Queen, his daughter, Tar-Ancalimë.
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