Araphant was the fourteenth King of Arthedain. During his time, the strength of Arthedain was at long last being worn down by the constant threat of war with Angmar.

Araphant decided that the only hope for his kingdom was to try to renew communications with Gondor in the south, which was then suffering at the hands of the Wainriders. He forged an alliance with King Ondoher of Gondor, but it was too late, and Gondor could offer the North no aid for they were themselves embroiled in wars of their own.

A product of the alliance between Araphant and King Ondoher of Gondor was the marriage of their children. Arvedui son of Araphant took to wife Fíriel daughter of Ondoher.

Araphant reigned from TA 1891 until TA 1964. He was succeeded by his son Arvedui.
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