Araphor was the ninth King of Arthedain. He took over the kingship at a very young age since his father was slain during the war with Angmar and Rhudaur over Amon Sûl.

It seems that Angmar was able to lay siege to the royal city of Fornost, and though Araphor was still quite young, he was very brave. With the help of Círdan of Lune, he was able to defend Fornost and the North Downs and to push back the forces of Angmar. It is also said that the enemy was held at bay for a time by the Elves of Lindon and of Rivendell because Elrond brought help over the Mountains out of Lórien. But in the end, Rhudaur was lost, being now a tributary state to Angmar. There were still a remaining few faithful in Cardolan who held off the enemy in Tyrn Gorthad (the Barrowdowns), or were able to take shelter in the nearby forest, but their numbers were few.

At this time, the Stoors (a group of Hobbits) fled westward out of fear of Angmar and to escape the wars of men. Some of them returned to Wilderland and dwelt beside the River Gladden where they became a riverside folk of fishermen. It was from this folk that Sméagol (Gollum) was said to be descended.

Araphor reigned from TA 1409 until TA 1589. He was succeeded by his son Argeleb II.
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