A dwarf of Durin’s Folk, b.TA 2772, d.TA 3112 (FA 99), second son of Fundin and brother of Balin.

In The Hobbit, Dwalin was one of the dwarves who accompanied Thorin II on the Quest of Erebor in TA 2941, and was in fact the first dwarf to arrive at Bilbos Unexpected Party, resplendent in a gold belt, and dark green cloak and hood. His beard was blue! Dwalin later lent a hood and cloak to Bilbo who had left home in haste and without luggage. In Mirkwood when Thorin was captured by elves, it was Dwalin who first noticed he was missing.

Like the rest of Thorin’s companions, Dwalin was musical. He played the viol. He and his brother Balin were 3rd cousins of Thorin. After the Battle of Five Armies Dwalin settled in Erebor eventually dying at the age of 340.
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