Ecthelion of the Fountain was an Elven Lord of great power, and he may have been among the Noldorin Elves who departed from the Undying Lands with Fëanor in pursuit of Morgoth.

His helm was set with a spike of steel, tipped with a diamond. His shield was studded with thousands of crystals, and it shimmered like it was covered with rain.

Ecthelion was the Captain of the Guard in the hidden Elven city of Gondolin during the First Age. Ecthelion, who was loyal to King Turgon, brought Tuor before the King when Tuor carried Ulmo's message of warning concerning the imminent discovery of Gondolin's location by Morgoth.

In the year 511 of the First Age, Gondolin was sacked by Morgoth's forces as Tuor had predicted. Ecthelion was among those that fought in defence of the city and his King in a hopeless battle. Ecthelion was the one who slew Gothmog the Balrog during the battle. During that fight, Ecthelion also received a mortal wound.
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