The Entwives left Middle-earth long ago, and it was not known where they went.

While the Ents loved the great trees and wild woods, Entwives had their minds on other things. Outside of their forest, they had found wild apple trees and cherry trees. They did not want to talk to them, instead wanting them to obey the Entwives' every command. The Entwives ordered them to grow fruit and leaves to their liking, and as they wanted peace and order, they made gardens to live in.

The Ents wandered the earth as the Entwives stayed put. The Ents would visit sometimes, but would always leave again. After the war of the Last Alliance, the Entwives disappeared. The Ents searched for them and called their names, but never found them. They search for them still, because with no Entwives, there could be no Entings, and their race would eventually die out.

The only Entwife mentioned by name is Fimbrethil, beloved of Treebeard.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Elemmiire