Originally from Doriath, Eöl was the so-called 'dark elf' living in the forest Nan Elmoth. He preferred stars and darkness to sunlight, and the friendship of dwarves to that of the Noldor.

He was very skilled in forging, and invented a new kind of metal, the hard yet flexible galvorn, excellent for armor. He made two great swords from a meteorite, Anglachel and Anguirel. Anglachel was a gift to his kinsman, Thingol.

He married Aredhel, the white lady of Gondolin. She had become lost in his forest, and he used enchantments to draw her deeper. She bore him the son Maeglin, also called Lómion.

One day when Maeglin was older, and Eöl away, Aredhel and her son fled to king Turgon, Aredhel's brother. Eöl found out and pursued them, but was captured and taken before the court, where he was offered a chance to stay. He refused and tried to kill his own son rather than letting him stay with Turgon. Instead, Aredhel (who had used herself as a shield for her son) was the one who was killed by Eöl's poisoned spear, a deed for which Eöl was thrown down the precipice of Caragdûr.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Malinornë