The ceremony of name-choosing for a young Elf, usually taking place around the age of ten, once the person in question has mastered lámatyávë. In the Elder Days the Chosen Name was usually freshly devised, but in later days it was more often selected from the abundance of already-existing names.

While the father-name was public, the chosen name was private (though not secret), and regarded by the Noldor as part of their personal property. Allowing somebody else other than the closest friends and members of the same house to use a chosen name was a token of closest intimacy and love. It was therefore presumptuous, or even downright insulting, to use it without permission.

**Note : This information comes from the HoMe series of books, which means that it is considered to be from J.R.R. Tolkien's earlier, unrevised writings. Therefore, this information cannot necessarily be considered canonical.**
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