Hador Lórindol was one of the great Chieftains of the Edain. He was the son of Hathol and the great-grandson of Marach.

He was born of the Year of the Sun 389, and soon entered the service of Fingolfin. As a reward for his services, and because of the love Fingolfin bore the Man, he and his people were granted the lands of Dor-lómin.

He gathered there most of the Edain of the Third House, and within a generation he had made Dor-lómin the most powerful of the realms of the Edain. But when Hador Lórindol was 66 years of age, Morgoth started the Dagor Bragollach. The Eldar and their allies were driven back to the fortresses of Hithlum - a retreat only made possible through the bravery of Hador Lórindol and his son, Gundor, who both lost their lives defending the Elves' rear-guard.

Hador's Elven surname, Lórindol, meant "the golden-headed".
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