Father of two sons, named Khîm and Ibun.

Mîm was one of the last of the petty dwarves, whom the grey-elves called Noegyth Nibin. Mîm was captured by Túrin, who forced him to let Túrin's men stay in his hidden cave home at Amon Rûdh.

Mîm hated Túrin's elf-friend Beleg. When Mîm was captured by orcs he led them to Beleg's house, where they killed many, but not Beleg. Mîm then tried to slay the elf, using the sword Anglachel, but he failed.

Mîm was eventually killed by Túrin's father Húrin at the gates of the destroyed Nargothrond. Mîm had stayed there for love of the gold and jewels left by the dragon Glaurung. Before Mîm died he cursed the hoard, so that it would bring death to all those coming into contact with it. So it was that the Nauglamir was cursed, and it came to be that the necklace caused the death of King Thingol.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Malinornë