Númenor, also called Andor or Elenna, was founded in the Year 32 of the Second Age. It was the greatest kingdom in the history of men. The men of Númenor were given a lifespan many times that of other mortals. Númenor was roughly shaped like a five-pointed star. It was approximately 250 miles across at its narrowest, and 500 miles at its widest. It has a great port named Andúnie, which means ‘sunset’. Númenor was blessed with a forest full of blossoming trees. It had one major river: The Dark Cirran River. The highest peak of the Mountains of Inglorian was called Meneltarma. Only the king could climb that peak, for it was sacred. Each of the points of the star was named Forostar, Orrostar, Hyarrostar, Hyarnustar, and Andustar. They were renamed Gorgoroth, Eärendil, Nómin, Westernesse, and Eä. The region in the center was called Illúvatar. The king resided in Illúvatar. The people of Gorgoroth, called the Black Númenoreans, whose lord was Gothmog, were constantly in a state of rebellion against the people of Illúvatar. The mighty king, the founder of Númenor, was named Elros Half-Elven, King of Númenor.

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