A dwarf of Durin’s Folk, b.TA 2774, d.TA 2994, elder son of Gróin, brother of Glóin and uncle of Gimli. He was a third cousin of Thorin Oakenshield.

In The Hobbit Óin was a member of Thorin and Company on the Quest of Erebor in TA 2941. Little is said of him there except that he wore a brown hood and was good at lighting fires. He lost his tinder-box in the Misty Mountains but later acquired another, presumably in Lake-town, for it was he who fetched a light for Bilbo to enter the hoard chamber of Smaug.

He fought in the Battle of Five Armies and later went with Balin, and Ori to the Mines of Moria. When the Orcs invaded the mines in TA 2994, Óin was killed by the Watcher in the Water.
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