A hobbit of the Shire b. Gerontius Took SR 1190 d. SR 1320. Son of Fortinbras Took. His mother’s name is not recorded. He was 14th Thain of the Took line.

Gerontius married Adamanta Chubb. Their children were: Isengrim III, Hildigard Took, Isumbras IV, Hildigrim Took, Isembold Took, Hildifons Took, Isembard Took, Hildibrand Took, Belladonna Took, Donnamira Took, Mirabella Took, and Isengar Took.

The family tree in Appendix C of Lord of the Rings records that through his daughter Belladonna, the Old Took was grandfather of Bilbo Baggins and through others of his children he was great-grandfather of Frodo Baggins, and great-great grandfather of Peregrine Took, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Fredegar Bolger.

The Old Took was so called because he reached the second greatest age of any Hobbit in history (130 years), being only surpassed by his grandson Bilbo Baggins.

In The Hobbit it is recorded that Gandalf supplied the Old Took with a set of magic diamond shirt studs.

Note: Additional information from Cirdaneth.
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