Born to Paladin II Took and Eglantine Banks in TA 2990, he was the youngest of four, and the only boy. His sisters were Pearl, Pimpernel and Pervinca. He was more commonly known as Pippin.

He was the youngest of the hobbits in the Fellowship. At Parth Galen, he and Meriadoc were captured by Orcs and were carried off. They managed to escape into Fangorn Forest, and there they met an Ent called Treebeard.

They were both there for the storming of Isengard, and when the palantír was thrown out the window, Pippin picked it up. It preyed on his mind, and he stole it from Gandalf to look into. After this, Gandalf took Pippin away with him to Minas Tirith. There, he became guard for Denethor.

He fought for the men, and was called 'Ernil i Pheriannath' (Prince of the Halflings) by the people of Minas Tirith.

After the War of the Ring and the Scouring of the Shire, he lived with Merry in the house at Crickhollow. He was considered a giant among hobbits now, because of the ent-draughts he had drunk with Treebeard.

In FA 6, he married Diamond of Long Cleeve, and they had a son called Faramir Took in FA 9. In FA 13 he became the Thain of the Shire.

In FA 63, he and Merry rode to Rohan and Gondor to spend their last few years there. They were not seen in the Shire again, and their bodies were laid in Rath Dínen with the greats of Gondor.
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