Tulkas (‘strong’ or ‘steadfast’) is called the “greatest in strength and deeds of prowess” of the Valar. He is also called Astaldo (‘The Valiant’).

He was the last of the Valar to come to Arda, and is the most warlike. He has the ability to outrun any creature on foot and never tires. He has a golden beard to match his golden hair and has a healthy, reddish face. He uses no weapon to fight, but uses his hands instead and excels in contests of strength.

Tulkas came to Arda to aid the Valar in the First War against Melkor. Melkor feared his power and laughter (for Tulkas always laughed) and fled Arda.

While the Valar rested from creating Arda, Tulkas slept for a time, weary from his constant battles and labor. It was then that Melkor struck again. Tulkas gave chase, but could not overtake Melkor once he had fled for a second time.

It was Tulkas who finally wrestled with Melkor and defeated him.

His spouse is Nessa, one of the Valier, who is also quick footed and can outrun the fastest deer.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Ringhilwen