Means 'Foam-flower'. Its full Quenya name is Vingilótë, and in Adûnaic its name 'Rothinzil' also means 'Foam-flower'.

It was built by Eärendil and Círdan out of white birch from the forests of Nimbrethil. It had golden oars, and sails like a silver moon.

It was the ship in which Eärendil sailed to Valinor to seek the aid of the Valar on behalf of Middle-earth. Becuase of this selfless act, the Valar blessed the boat, and granted Eärendil the gift of sailing the airs forever with a Silmaril on his brow.

He fought a battle in the air in this ship: with the help of all the birds he slew Ancalagon the Black.
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