Merry and Pippin watched in horror as Boromir attacked the Orcs. Two arrows stuck out from his trembling body, and yet he still fought. A third arrow struck him in the middle of the chest, right through the heart. Boromir gasped and fell to his knees, unable to hold his own weight. He looked at the two young Hobbits, pain and guilt in his eyes. Orcs rushed past, overlooking the small creatures behind a tree to their left.

Merry looked at Pippin, a look of fear and anger on his face, and drew his short sword. Pippin did likewise. They charged into the ever-growing crowd of Orcs, slaying them as they half yelled, half sobbed on Boromir’s behalf.

Pippin stabbed an Orc in the stomach and drew out the blade. Merry, close by, kicked one in the leg and stabbed the foul creature in the side. He looked to Pippin, who had turned to attack another Orc; unaware that the one he had just stabbed was still alive.

“Look out!” Merry cried, but too late. The Orc hit Pippin in the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. Pippin’s eyes widened in pain, then closed as he fell to the ground. He let out a cry, and then lay still.

“Pippin! No!” sobbed Merry. “Pippin! Wake up! Pippin! Somebody help!”

Merry slew the Orc, who was bending to pick up the poor creature, and knelt down next to Pippin, sobbing. Then he saw Boromir, still gasping for breath, a few yards away.

He stopped, and looked on in horror as an enormous Orc stood in front of Boromir. The Orc slowly drew back its arrow, waiting until the Man looked him in the eyes to shoot. Boromir slowly moved his gaze from the Orc’s feet up to the arrow-tip, fear in his eyes.

Just then several others ran out from behind the trees. Two of them picked up Merry and Pippin and ran off. Merry screamed and cried for help, but no one answered. He was carried off sobbing into the thick forest.

A moment too late, Aragorn appeared. He jumped on the Orc, and the arrow meant for Boromir’s head flew up into the branches. The two fought for a few seconds, until Aragorn, nose and lip bleeding, chopped off the arm of the Orc. He then stabbed it in the stomach. It grabbed the sword and pulled it all the way through its deformed body. Aragorn pulled the sword out quickly and decapitated the disgusting creature. He ran over to Boromir, who was now on his back. Legolas and Gimli walked into the small clearing. The two looked on with sadness and pity. The two Men spoke quietly for a few minutes, and then Boromir lay still. He was dead.

Aragorn looked up to the Elf and the Dwarf, and they could see some unspoken horror under the unshed tears in his eyes.

“Merry and Pippin… they have been taken.”


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