The Fellowship’s Tales

Chapter 1, Legolas and his love

One night, as the Fellowship huddled around their dim campfire, a deathly silence enveloped them. They were spending the night in a small ditch, on their way to the Gap of Rohan. All but Pippin were wide awake, listening to each other breathing.
“I hate these silences. Always uncomfortable” mumbled Sam under his breath. He had hoped that no-one had heard him, as he was talking to himself. But elves had sharp ears, and Legolas snapped his head round in Sam’s direction.
“Well, master Gamgee,” he said with a smile,” would you like to hear a tale?”
“Yes, please. Could it be of the elves? I’m feeling ever so home-sick, and I always loved to hear Mr. Bilbo’s stories about the elves. They was always my favourite.” Sam said, smiling about his memories.
Legolas stood up, and walked gracefully to the fire. “Very well. It is one of my kindred, a wood elf and his love.
“There once lived an elf, in the forest of Mirkwood, who had never felt love, other than that for the forest, and the birds and beasts who lived there. He was taking a stroll, as he always did, in one of the most enchanting and beautiful places within the great kingdom. He was going to his favourite part; a small glen where a white deer grazed. But as he approached the glens borders, he halted. His eyes were captivated by a beauty more gracious and perfect than he had ever seen. An elven lady, clad in a beautiful gown, the colour of the stars, knelt in the glen, stroking the dear. The elf felt like he had instantly lost his heart to her. He approached; enchanted by the way the sun glistened on her golden hair.
“”Sweet elven-lady, why do you sit here alone?”
“She answered, “But I am not alone. The trees and this deer keep me company. And of course there is you.”
“”I have spoken to you but once, fair lady. How could I be of comfort to you?”
“The elf-maiden stood up and turned to look upon him. She smiled softly, and her radiance shone out. “I have felt your essence here many times. Your heart belongs to this place. You leave it behind whenever you return to your dwelling. I heard it talking to me. Filled with such loneliness. It cried to me. Now it has stopped.”
“”I feel that I have known you before. But I know I have never before met you. I could not forget such a pure beauty. My heart no longer belongs to this glen. You have taken it, and wrapped it in your elegance. Please, do not break it. I do not have another.”
“”Oh my sweet elf. I will not break it, for though we have never met, mine has belonged to you for some while.” The elven-maid walked towards him, and stared up into his eyes.
“”My love, I do not know even your name!” he exclaimed.
“”I am Enedglothoriel. But I do not need to know yours. It has been spoken so much, throughout the entirety of Mirkwood. Everyone knows who you are. There is not one elf-maiden below the age of 2000 that doesn’t desire a piece of your heart.”
“The elf looked closely at Enedglothoriel, and knew that he would not live for any reason other than to love her. ” You do not have a piece of my heart, Enedglothoriel. You have the whole of it in your possession.”
“The elves grinned at each other, and sealed their love with a kiss. For the first time in the elf’s life, he felt complete. The elves soon became known throughout Mirkwood for their perfect, blissful love. They were betrothed and the King threw an extravagant party for the couple, in one of his vast halls. However, it was during the party that Thranduil, King of Mirkwood, received an urgent message.
“The elf took his beloved into a separate room. They were in the place where some of the woods most treasured possessions were held. Around them were beautiful paintings and ornate sculptures. There were no walls, just thin, beautifully carved columns holding up the roof.
“”My darling Enedglothoriel, I must leave. I cannot wed you, I am leaving you in the morning” he told her, with deep sorrow and regret in his voice.
“”Why?” She asked, choking back tears.
“”I am being called. It is a very important request, for a reason I am not yet clear on. I would not leave you, but I must obey the King’s will. It is my duty.”
“He took her hands, but she pulled away, turning to study a statue of the King’s wife. Her shoulder’s shook slightly, as she failed to hold back a sob.
“”I understand.” She said. “But I will wait for you.”
“”I ask you not to. I do not know when I shall return.”
“Enedglothoriel spun round. ” I will wait.” She looked at him defiantly. A tear slid down her cheek. To the elf, it looked like a crystal shimmering on her face in the moonlight. He took her in his arms and kissed her.
“”I do love you.” He told her solemnly. “More than you could ever know or understand.” And with that, he walked out of the room, leaving her on her own”

At some time in this story, Pippin had woken.
“So who was he?” He asked, a little sleepily.
“Who?” Legolas replied.
“The elf, in your story.”
Aragorn and Legolas exchanged glances. Pippin looked from one to the other, completely confused.
Merry leaned towards him, “It’s Legolas, you idiot!” The fellowship laughed, and Merry patted his friends back.
“Why didn’t you marry her?” Asked Frodo quietly.
For a moment, Legolas was silent, and he had a far-off look in his eyes. Then the moment was gone. “For fear of making her a widow.” Legolas turned, and caught Aragorn’s eye. The future King of Gondor, and the Prince of Mirkwood shared a look of understanding. They both knew what it felt like to leave a love behind. Neither had taken their heart on this journey.
Legolas looked at the stars, and through his pain, he felt filled with warmth. He knew that Enedglothoriel was in their glen, looking at the same stars, thinking of him. And Legolas was filled with a sense of peace. He knew they would be together again.

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