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Post The Laughing Seal (free! SO JOIN!)
on: February 25, 2004 02:38
Winlatsi hopped from the prow of The Laughing seal and examined the crowd on the piers of Haidon. The town was notorious for harboring the most skilled sailors on the Coast. well, at least it had been. The truth was, Winlatsi was not the most competent at manuvering her ship, and had only heard about Haidon through old fairy tales. There was the story of Nelismo, the Sciopod (person with one huge webbed foot) who had sailed to the Greater Moon and brought back a chunk of rock, now secure in Haidon Nautical Museum. Or Siasma, the harpy with a ship larger than many towns. She had been a most terrible and feared pirate. And now Winlatsi was going to give it a try. she'd been an excellent pickpocket at home. This couldn't possibly be much harder.


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