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Post In the Frozen lands
on: March 01, 2004 09:22
Winter wonders looked up at the bright sun rising over the horizon. " fight'n heat, it's been awhile" He turned and walked away over the snowy hills of his country.Grabbing his Ice Sabre and his Snowball Gat, he returned to his Castle made of Ice. his Dog welcomed him back into the castle."Well, this proves most ill, the most sickest Rap I ever heard!" he said as he tore a piece of paper in half. aparently he was haveing trouble writing his next Rap. this was a special Rap, I was to be performed during his Rap Attack. His icy wrath stirred in his snowy veins, " If I can make this Rap,then The burning sun will destroy me! and all the inhabitants of the Frozen Lands of Nador!" winter said while slashing a icecicle in half with one sweep! " This can't be happening! I must go on a Quest to stop the sun and bring endless winter to the lands which I claimed!" he said summoning his courage and began to write a Speech.

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on: February 24, 2015 09:28

Galmire signed as he wondered through the thick snow through Ithlorthon. Ithlorthon was his country, his pride. It was always winter there and it was once filled with joyful elves of the winter. Galmire was a Winter elf, he had lived his entire life in the winter forests of Ithlorthon. But now, his village was destroyed, his people, burned. Blood was everywhere and the smell of decay still lingered in his nose, while death corrupted his mind. His ever so loyal companion, a Pyriel wolf, Golathil, was beside him, limping a little as he continued through the snow with his master. Galmire was holding a bloodstained sword on his left hand. He had been walking for days, only stopping to drink eat and rest. He ventured further and further away from Ithlorthon
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