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Post Celebrities uncensored--Free
on: April 10, 2004 01:47

*Hello and welcome, This RP is about the Celebrities Uncensored show on the E! channel. You can be either a celebrity who is bieng uncensored or a papparazzi, lurking around, Now just sit back relax and rp your heart out!*

Liv sat down in her chair and played with her puppy. It jumped onto her lap and had settled itself. She smiled and leaned her head on the palm of her hand. She had just got back from doing a photo shoot for the front cover of the magazine called J-14, Just for teen's It was a long interview and they took like a million pictures of her. Liv threw off her shoes and turned on the t.v to E! they were suppose to be doing a show about her life and she wanted to see what garbage they were going to say about her this time.

She sighed and shut the window and locked the doors as she hear rustling and voices, telling others to be quiet and hushing them up. She had had enough of the papparazzi's following her everywhere and getting her worst side.

Jeff, a papparazzi, lurked in Liv's garden, taking pictures off her quietly as she walked up her path. He got a camera that didn't flash and make noise when you clicked it or when you took your pictures. He cursed under his breath as she locked the doors firmly behind her.

Jeff had been accepted into bieng one of the filmers of Celebritie's uncensored and was really happy to be filming diffrent celebrities acting bad or getting the worst of them. It would be his glorious days to have them pay him just for filming celebrities at thier worst. He laughed under his breath and took a few pictures as she came to her window to shut the blinds and curtains. He was going to be the best out of them all.
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