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Post Fan Creations Forum rules - please read!
on: May 17, 2004 08:29
Welcome to the Fan Creations Forum!

The Fan Creations Forum is meant for artists and authors to share their skills with CoE members, discussion on different fan creations –related topics (techniques, materials etc.) and getting support from each other. The main purpose of the forum is to offer help to people who are in the process of creating something: tips from authors/artists etc., and to be a channel for the requests for this help.

These topics, for example, can be discussed in here:

- Drawing/Painting

- Middle-earth Decorating

- Costuming & Sewing

- Party Ideas

- Miscellany Crafting

- Discussion of LOTR movie props and costumes, making of, etc

Naturally, all CoE rules also apply in this forum. Before you start using this forum, please view the general rules about posting in here.

Because of the nature of this topic, we also have some additional rules. Please read them carefully:

1) All images posted here must be no larger than 400x600 pixels, and must be in .jpg format. You can also link the images.

2) Requests for help or input on your works of art must be placed to the Fan Art Help thread created for this purpose, which is here.

2) Posting non-Tolkien related artwork is limited to the Mutual Appreciation Thread here. Tolkien-related artwork goes to its respective threads (see Where to Find Things in the Creations Forum).

3) Please keep in mind that the overall rating of this site is PG-13. Fanart that has a higher rating cannot be posted in this forum. If you want help with R – NC-17 rated creations, you can post a link to the material to the forum, but you must include a warning in the post, letting the readers know about the higher rating.

4) Bashing artists over controversial topics (Alternative Universe, slash) is not allowed. You have no right to criticise anyone just because a picture portrays some characters differently from how you imagine them. If an artist has asked for constructive criticism, you must have a justified reason why you suggest they make changes; you cannot just say ‘Arwen didn’t have a nose like that’ or ‘Pippin wasn’t gay’. Additionally, arguments over the qualities or appearances of characters/places are not allowed – we all picture Tolkien’s creations differently and that is rarely the kind of feedback an artist/author is looking for, unless they ask specifically for that.

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