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Post Say It Isnt So...(FREE)
on: May 25, 2004 11:54
Her name was Scentra, a nice- 17 year old girl, with a pretty face. Fresh and young, with no current home. Along with a brother, Terrance, whom shes never met before.
A skinnier figure, curly black hair medium length, clothes that she made herself: a torn-looking shirt, holes in the lower arm, a mole on her left cheek just below her eye. chunky shoes with silky nilons, a short black skirt along with it all.
For the most part, she was a shy girl. Intelligent when she speaks, (when she does), meaning that she doesnt talk much.
Everything was wrong. But lets start from the beginning.
Growing up a ward of the state definitly wasnt easy, especially if you were born a ward of the state and never knew any different. Troubled for the longest time, she finally ran away from her "home", and hasnt been there since. With a brother named Terrance who she never met, not even as a child, she has the same feeling as most separated siblings have, - that they're looking up at the same stars and moon as you are, and they are definitly out there somewhere wondering about them too.
Life as she knew it wasnt easy, but she was a very independent woman. And no longer a child.

The place she now knew as "home" was an old farm house, run by an older couple who took her in back when she was in need of help. She worked most of her day as a waitress, and walked the streets alone dark at night, school to her was not an option.
She never drank or did drugs, but she smoked cigarettes (which annoyed the older couple -whos names were Francis and Linda).

The streets were dark, and her muscles ached from working double shift. The walk from work to the house was quite a walk, which came to her conclusion; she needed a car. Money was so tight though, and she dare not ask Linda or Francis for anything. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore.
I need to do something with myself, and I need to do this soon.
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