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Post Sauron's Sleepover
on: June 05, 2004 03:46
((If this is stupid then how come you're looking at it? =^^=))

Sauron was soooo excited! He was going to invite everybody he knew to his 'sleepover'.
There was going to be games, and snacks and they were going to do each others hair, and paint each others nails, and play with dollies (?).
First he was going to invite Aragorn, and then the Nazgul, and Frodo and Sam, and Gimli [because of his fear for hair products], and Legoas, and Elrond and Gollum, and all these other people.
Ohhhh! This was going to be the most exciting time of his life! And for once it wouldn't be ruined . . . .his evil shemes were like so totally going according to like the schedule!

"Mail!" yelled the post Hobbit as he banged on Frodos door.
Frodo scurried through the tunnel to open up his door. After he received his letter, he looked at it curiously. Why would Sauron want to invite him to a sleepover? This was very suspicious. He curiously opened the letter. It read . . . .
Dear Frodo,
I have had the heart to invite you to my soo totally awesome sleepover allright? If you don't come I'm going to kill you!

Frodo raised an eyebrow . . .

Aragorn woke up to find that an orc was poking him. So that's why he had the nightmare about chopsticks!
"You've got mail," grunted the orc.
"Well then get out of here before you become another lawn ornament," answered Aragorn curtly. Aragorn opened the letter and read it. After he was done, he laughed himself silly.

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