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Post All Players..ENOUGH! (please read)
on: April 22, 2007 04:20
((This will remain here for a limited time but the meaning behind it will last beyond this thread.))

ENOUGH!!!! We are so tired of these 'near death' experiences that end in one short moment with the char rising to his/her feet instantaneously, throwing on his/her sword and racing off to kill 25 orcs. It is not going to happen again because if it does, I will delete the post every time it does.

There is a group of rpg members (and you know who you are) who have been wandering further and further away from Tolkien. We now have Mary-Sues running around all over Middle-earth, rapes, stillborn children, unwed mothers along with (let us not forget) those miraculous healings, none of which ever appeared in Tolkien's writings nor in Jackson's films.

If you wish to know something about healing, try referring to this before we see any more of these unbelievable recoveries. Please remember that it took Frodo several days in unconsciousness to recover from Weathertop, and then several more weeks before he even thought of marching out with the Fellowship. After the destruction of the ring, both Sam and Frodo were unconscious for two weeks. Faramir was left in Gondor in the Houses of Healing when everyone else trotted off to the Black Gates. Eowyn was asked to be kept in the House of Healing for 10 days. No one...not one person in LOTR or any other book...ever reached the near deaths that some of your chars reach and bound back to life with a sprinkle of atheles and a few chants. It has to stop as it's totally ridiculous and unreasonable.

Thus, we are asking you to keep your posts along the lines of something remotely resembling Tolkien. Enough is enough. If you want to roam so far from Tolkien, take it to Loki's Palace.

The RPG Moderators
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Post RE: All Players..ENOUGH! (please read)
on: July 10, 2007 06:11
The moderators have a new request to make that would make this forum a lot more interesting; if you are in several threads already, could you please bring some of them to a conclusion before starting new ones with the same, or similar, characters. There are several members here that are regularly starting new threads, or joining them, with the same players playing the same, or simailar characters; but none of the threads ever come to a conclusion. They just peter out as the posters drop them and move on to a new thread that also doesn't end.
Please finish some of your stories before starting new ones with the same people!!

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