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Post Chapter Quote VIIIa
on: November 06, 2007 01:13
The differences in thinking between a Man and an Elf?
'All is well now,' said Beleg. ' Our enemies are still surprised and afraid. And still good days lie before us - for a while'
'And what then?' said Turin.
'Winter,' said Beleg. 'And after that another year, for those who live to see it.'
'And then what?'
'The wrath of Angband. We have burned the fingertips of the Black Hand - no more. It will not withdraw.'
'Nevertheless, I will be the captain of my own host,' said Turin, ' and if I fall, then I fall. Here I stand in the path of Morgoth, and while I so stand he cannot use the southward road'.

Could an Elf be satisfied by such short-term thinking as Turin seems to be using?
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Post RE: Chapter Quote VIIIa
on: April 06, 2008 02:38
As seen in the next chapter, the elves seem to be thinking more about preserving their own people, while men are more prone to want to go to battle. This is probably partly due to the difference in lifespan, and men are probably more used to the idea of death. Both viewpoints have their merits, i think.
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