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Post Question about Black Speech
on: October 09, 2009 09:42
I know technically this isn't elvish but there's no other place to post. (unless it goes in the book forum?)
I was recently listening to a Tolkien inspired band named Summoning and one of their songs is named 'Mirdautas Vras', supposedly meaning 'A good day to kill' in the black speech. Also the lyrics of the song are in black speech.

Brus-kuluz taurzur bûrzu tiil-ob
Hush-ob dhurum agh ufum dhurum
Tor Vautu brus-troguz
Urgai-u gukh dûmp agh tiimor

Talaan-u rûk-ir tor urûk
Nauru-ir agh kragoru nûrsu grishûrz
Nork-ulu furtun agh goth
Mordor-ob bot-tuk

Ghaash agh akûl Nazgûl skoiz
Mirdautas vras!
Karn ghaamp agh nût
Shaut Manwe quiinubat gukh

Dark have been my dreams of late
Of secret doubt and secret fear
A thousand years have passed away
To lay down doom and terror

To north ride on, a thousand orcs
On wolves with giant bloody fangs
They take the storm and power
Of Mordor through the world

Fire and Ice, the Nazgûl fly
It is a good day to kill!
Red is Earth and sky
Even Manwe will bow down

My question is, are these accurate? There are many words that are not in the black speech dictionary here and I don't think I have the right books to find any references if there are any.
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Post RE: Question about Black Speech
on: October 09, 2009 09:30
Our knowledge of the Black Speech is rather limited, cf. Helge Fauskanger's analysis.
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Post RE: Question about Black Speech
on: October 09, 2009 10:18
there are a few "dialects" of the Black Speech developed by enthusiasts. maybe they used one of these "dialects" for their song. here's a link (if you are interested) for the Shadowlandian Black Speech[i][/i]: http://www.thelandofshadow.com/mordorgate/darkdownloads/blackspeech/speech3.htm

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Post Re: Question about Black Speech
on: March 31, 2013 08:06
What we know of the black speech is very limited so we do not know if this is accurate.
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