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Post Where to find things in the Creations Forum
on: June 25, 2011 11:25
Where to find this forum's most sought-after or useful topics. If you feel something important is missing, I'll edit it in.

- Painting (sharing and feedback - links or small images): here
- Drawing (sharing and feedback - links or small images): here
- Sketches (sharing and feedback - links or small images): here
- Painting/Drawing/Sketches - questions/problems: Fan Art Help
- Painting/Drawing/Sketches - requests: Drawing Requests

- Avatars and banners - sharing, feedback. here
- Avatars and banners - requests. here
- Computer graphics (other than avatars and banners) - sharing, feedback, requests. here
- All computer graphics (avatars, banners, wallpapers etc.) - questions, problems: here

- Photography (sharing - links/small images, feedback, problems): here

- Home Decorating: here
a) Stenciling
b) Rune Decorations

- Costumes - feel free to start a new thread for other races.
a) Elves
b) Orcs
c) Rangers
d) Hobbits
- Accessories/props for costumes (wigs, ears etc.): here
- Jewelry (for the Fellowship cloak pin, see its own thread): here
- Armour, Mail, Shields
- Fabrics for costumes: here

- Weapons - feel free to start a new thread for other kinds of weapons.
a) bows
b) orc weapons

- Fan Movies/Videos (Tolkien-themed only): here
- Music Videos (Tolkien-themed only): here

- Middle-earth themed parties (for costumes, see the costume threads): Middle-earth Party Ideas
- Halloween - what to don for this occasion. here

- Fonts (questions, problems. For 'how to write this text in Elvish', see the Elvish forums): here

- one-off questions not really belonging in any of our major threads (such as ideas for a Tolkien-themed present) : Little Questions Miscellany

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