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Post End of year house cleaning!
on: December 13, 2011 04:05
As the year comes to a close, we will now begin the process of clearing out the forums. We will be going through all the threads, including RPGs that are still open, transferring them to archives or deleting them entirely.

We have noticed many RPGs that have been started and left hanging, unfinished. We will more than likely be deleting most of them as there seems to have been a distinct loss of interest by the original players.

If there are any that the original authors would like to save, please mark the titles with a "KEEP". Be advised that this is no guarantee that they will not be deleted, however. If The "KEEP" is added to an unfinished, open thread, it must be followed up with activity within a reasonable period of time or we will consider them inactive and delete them anyway.

So let's begin, folks. Check out your threads and decide how many you think are worthy of saving as we will begin housecleaning soon.

Happy Holidays...and carry on.
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