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Post Double-Check Translated Names (Quenya & Sindarin)
on: February 04, 2014 12:22
Hi, everybody!

I am in the process of writing an LOTR fanfiction story and I have below a list of names I created for the elves in it. The list is enormous, but would anyone help me double-check the names, to see if they are correct or need tweaking?

(I can't believe it's alrady 4 years since I first worked on this posting. Seems like yesterday!)

To explain my listings, I marked whether they were male or female first: {F} or {M}. Next is the name I came up with, then in parentheses is the 'meaning' I hoped to convey for the name. Next I put down which words the name originated from, and what their definition is. The first list is Sindarin and the second list is Quenya. (I realize now just how jumbled a combined list could be and have separated the two languages.) Most the names are Sindarin, but there are several in Quenya.

All names are corrected now, thanks to Galadivren and dirk_math! The correct/edited versions are bolded and italicized next to the original attempt, even if it's exactly the same. (Just for the sake of clarity.)


    {F} Aearmîr (sea jewel/treasure) > Aearvír
    = aear (sea) + mîr (jewel/treasure)

    {F} Veryarîn (brave crowned/brave queen) > Veryarîn
    = verya (brave) + rîn (crowned/queen)

    {M} Avornên (fast water) > Avornen
    = avor (fast) + nên (water)

    {M} Faelenaur (brilliance of the morning) > Faelenor
    = fael (gleaming brilliance) + en (of the) + aur (morning)

    {M} Handauth (clever battle) > Handoth
    = hand (clever/intelligent) + auth (battle)

    {M} Bainaur (fair morning) > Bainor
    = bain (fair/beautiful) + aur (morning)

    {M} Calenthâr (green grass) > Calenthár
    = calen (green) + thâr (grass)

    {M} Rhûntol (east isle) > Rhúndol/Rhúnthol
    = rhûn (east) + tol (isle)

    {M} Gilesgal (star screen) > Gilesgal
    = gil (star) + esgal (screen)

    {M} Taurant (forest gift) > Taurant/Tarant
    = taur (forest) + ant- (gift)

    {M} Nimered (white mountains) > Nimered
    = nim (white) + ered (mountains)

    {M} Dúaglar (night glory) > Dúaglar
    = dú (dusk/twilight/night) + aglar (glory, brilliance)

    {M} Hennethrhûn (eastern window) > Hennethrún
    = henneth (window) + rhûn (east)

    {M} Nînthin (evening waters) > Ninthin (evening water)
    = nîn (waters) nin (water) + thin (evening)

    {M} Eredlos (snowy mountains) > Eredlos
    = ered (mountains) + snow (los)

    {M} Mîrnen (jewel water) > Mírnen
    = mîr (jewel/treasure) + nen (water)

    {M} Alagsûl (impulsive wind) > Alachúl
    = alag (impetuous/impulsive) + sûl (wind)

    {M} Dínenelril (silent bright stars) > Dínenélril (silent bright star)
    = dínen (silent) + elril élril (bright stars)

    {M} Aelgond (lake rock) > Aelond
    = ael (pool/lake) + gond (great stone/rock)

    {M} Maeghiril (sharp lady) > Maechiril
    = maeg (sharp/piercing) + hiril (lady)

    {M} Nimros (white foam) > Nimros
    = nim (white) + ros (foam/spray)

    {M} Ladendôl (clear head) > Ladendól
    = laden (open/clear) + dol (head)

    {M} Anaglar (with glory) > Anaglar
    = an- (with/by) + aglar (glory/brilliance)

    {F} Tatharlin (willow tree melody) > Tatharlin
    = tathar (willow tree) + lin (melody)

    {F} Eledhlîn (pool of stars) > Eledhlîn
    = eledh (of the stars) + lîn (pool)

    {M} Arthalion (dauntless noble) > Arthalion
    = ar- (noble/royal) + thalion (strong, dauntless)

    {M} Tarthoron (high eagle) > Tarthoron
    = tar (high) + thoron (eagle)

    {F} Nimroval (white feather) > Nimroval
    = nim (white) + roval (single large feather)

    {M} Celairmal (brilliant gold) > Celairval
    = celair (brilliant) + mal (gold)

    {F} Mithluin (gray blue) > Mithluin
    = mith (gray) + luin (blue)

    {F} Sílagelir (to shine happy) > Sílogelir (shine happy)
    = síla (to shine) + gelir (happy)

    {F} Gîllhîth (star mist) > Gîllhîth
    = gîl (star) + hîth (mist)

    {M} Alagsîr (impulsive river) > Alachír
    = alag (impetuous/impulsive) + sîr (river)

    {M} Taerdoron (straight oak tree) > Taerdoron
    = taer (straight) + doron (oak tree)

    {F} Lotheglîn (flower gleam) > Lothelín
    = loth (flower) + glîn (gleam)

    {M} Faenmenel (radiant sky) > Faenvenel
    = faen (radiant) + menel (sky)

    {F} Naneirien (daisy of the valley) > Naneirien
    = nan (valley) + eirien (daisy)

    {M} Ivorglîn (crystal gleam) > Ivorlín
    = ivor (crystal) + glîn (gleam)

    {M} Aramilui (noble and gentle) > Aravilui
    = ara- (noble/royal) + milui (friendly/kind/gentle)

    {F} Cylluial (bearer of twilight) > Cylluial
    = cyll (bearer) + uial (twilight)

    {M} Laebdôr (fresh land) > Laebdôr
    = laeb (fresh) + dôr (land)

    {M} Nimiant (white bridge) > Nimiant
    = nim (white) + iant (bridge)

    {M} Menelhin (eyes like the sky) > Menelhin
    = menel (sky) + hin (eyes)

    {M} Thûlaug (warm breath) > Thúllaug
    = thû (breathe) + laug (warm)

    {M} Tênendion (watery way) > Ténennion
    = tê (line/way) + nend (watery) + ion (son/son of)

    {M} Celuivor (crystal spring) > Celuivor
    = celu (source of/spring of) + ivor (crystal)

    {M} Alagûr (impetuous fire) > Alagûr
    = alag (impetuous/impulsive) + gûr (fire/heat)

    {M} Helegael (ice lake) > Helegael
    = heleg (ice/icy cold) + ael (pool/lake)

    {M} Caladrîl (light brilliance) > Caladrîl
    = calad (light) + rîl (brilliance)

    {M} Rînimion (white-crowned) > Rînimion
    = rîn (crowned) + nim (white) + ion (son/son of)

    {M} Ûrcabed (wide leap) > Úrgabed
    = ûr (wide) + cabed (leap)

    {M} Cuilaer (life song) > Cuilaer
    = cuil (life) + laer (song)

    {M} Nîdrathon (wet street) > Nîdrathon
    = nid (damp/wet) + rath (street) + on (masculine ending)

    {M} Faelgîl (fair star) > Faelíl
    = fael (fair/generous) + gîl (star)

    {M} Mornethaid (dark river crossings) > Mornethaid
    = morn (dark/black) + ethaid (fords/river crossings)

    {M} Thôrsigil (eagle dagger) > Thórhigil
    = thôr (eagle) + sigil (dagger/knife)

    {M} Saingelir (new, happy) > Sainelir
    = sain (new) + gelir (happy)

    {F} Luinrî (blue crown) > Luinrí
    = luin (blue) + rî (crown)

    {M} Remmenad (tangled thing) > Remmenad
    = remmen (tangled) + nad (thing)

    {F} Núraelin (deep pools) > Núraelin
    = núra (deep) + aelin (pools/lakes)

    {F} Hîthenaear (mist of the sea) > Hîthenaear
    = hîth (mist) + en (of the) + aear (sea)

    {M} Agornem (narrow nose) > Agornem
    = agor (narrow) + nem (nose)

    {M} Taurêg (forest thorn) > Taurég/Tarég
    = taur (forest) + êg (thorn/spike)

    {M} Encaladon (of the light) > Egaladon/Engaladon
    = en (of the) + calad (light) + on (masculine ending)

    {M} Cûglaur (golden bow) > Cúlor
    = cû (arch/bow) + glaur (golden)

    {M} Silathan (the moon beyond) > Silathan (shine beyond)
    = sila (the moon) (shine) + athan (beyond)

    {M} Thalasarn (firm stone) > Thalahar
    = thala (steady/firm) + sarn (small stone)

    {F} Bainauth (beautiful battle) > Bainoth
    = bain (fair/beautiful) + auth (battle)

    {M} Celonisil (river moon) > Celonithil
    = celon (river) + isil ithil (moon)

    {F} Ninniach (rainbow) > Ninniach
    = ninniach (rainbow)

    {M} Bôrnaew (unshakeable jaw) > Bórnaew
    = bôr (marked by firm determination or resolution/unshakable) + naew (jaw)

    {F} Tologwen (trustworthy maiden) > Tologwen
    = tolog (trustworthy/trusty) + wen (maiden)

    {F} Saerloth (bitter flower) > Saerloth
    = saer (bitter) + loth (flower)

    {F} Merenaur (joyous morning) > Merenor
    = meren (joyous) + aur (morning)

    {F} Baindúlinn (beautiful nightingale) > Baindúlinn
    = bain (fair/beautiful) + dúlinn (nightingale)

    {F} Emerwen (shepherdess) > Emerwen
    = emerwen (shepherdess)

    {F} Barenael (dwelling of the lake) > Barenael
    = bar (dwelling) + en (of the) + ael (pool/lake)

    {M} Emlinaeron (small yellow bird) > Emlinaeron
    = emlinaer (small yellow bird) + on (masculine ending)

    {M} Thônendôr (pine tree of the land) > Thónedór
    = thôn (pine tree) + en (of the) + dôr (land)

    {M} Nornmagol (hard sword) > Nornmagol
    = norn (hard) + magol (sword)

    {M} Lithaear (sand from the sea) > Lithaear
    = lith (sand) + aear (sea)

    {M} Doronesgal (oak tree screen) > Doronesgal
    = doron (oak tree) + esgal (veil/screen/cover)

    {F} Serníniel (maiden of pebbled waters) > Brithnen (gravel water)
    = sern (pebble) + nín (waters) + iel (maiden/daughter)
    = brithen (gravel) + nen (water)

    {F} Cairîliel (ship brilliance) > Cairîliel
    = cair (ship) + ril (brilliance) + iel (maiden/daughter)

    {M} Edhelend (tune of the stars) > Edhelend (elf tune)
    = edhel (of the stars) (elf) + lend (tune)

    {M} Faelmîth (fair gray) > Faelvith
    = fael (fair/generous) + mith (gray)

    {M} Ereglann (holly tree boundary) > Ereglann
    = ereg (holly tree/thorn) + glann (boundary)

    {M} Moepeth (soft voice) > Moebeth (soft word)
    = moe (soft) + peth (word/voice)

    {M} Dínenriss (silent ravine) > Dínenriss
    = dínen (silent) + riss (ravine)

    {M} Faeniâth (radiant fence) > Faeniáth
    = faen (radiant) + iâth (fence)

    {M} Helegorn (ice tree) > Helegorn
    = heleg (ice/icy cold) + orn (tree)

    {M} Lhachthoniel (flame kindler) > Lhachthoniel
    = lhach (flame) + thoniel (kindler)

    {M} Maengîl (skilled star) > Maenil
    = maen (skilled) + gîl (star)

    {M} Galmenel (light from the sky) > Galvenel/Galwenel
    = gal (light) + menel (sky)

    {M} Cugumîr (dove jewel) > Cuguvír
    = cugu (dove) + mîr (jewel/treasure)

    {M} Naeruial (sad twilight) > Naeruial
    = naer (sad) + uial (twilight)

    {M} Sînidhor (new thoughtfulness) > Sînidhor
    = sîn (new) + idhor (thoughtfulness)

    {M} Feladín (cave silence) > Feladín
    = fela (cavern/cave) + dín (silence)

    {M} Faunmoe (cloud soft) > Faunvoe
    = faun (cloud) + moe (soft)

    {M} Hinelril (star-bright eyes) > Hinélril
    = hin (eyes) + elril élril (bright stars)

    {M} Sûlhim (steady wind) > Súlhim
    = sûl (wind) + him (steadfast/firm)

    {M} Tondras (tall horn) > Tondras
    = tond (tall) + ras (horn)

    {M} Theningellon (true joy) > Thandellon
    = thenin thand (true/firm) + gell (joy) + on (masculine ending)

    {M} Amonril (brilliant hill) > Amonril
    = amon (hill) + ril (brilliant)

    {M} Bainivor (beautiful crystal) > Bainivor
    = bain (fair/beautiful) + ivor (crystal)

    {M} Gelirelu (happy pale blue) > Gelirelu
    = gelir (happy) + elu (pale blue)

    {M} Rhúnsúl (east wind) > Rhúnhúl
    = rhûn (east) + sûl (wind)

    {M} Amonbar (hill dwelling) > Amonbar
    = amon (hill) + bar (dwelling)

    {M} Maegras (piercing horn) > Maegras
    = maeg (sharp/piercing) + ras (horn)

    {M} Calenamon (green hill) > Calenamon
    = calen (green) + amon (hill)

    {M} Balencened (power of the sight) > Maecheneb (sharp-eyed)
    = bal (power) + cened (sight)
    = maecheneb (sharp-eyed)

    {M} Caranbrass (red heat) > Caranbrass
    = caran (red) + brass (heat)

    {M} Galedhel (light elf) > Galedhel
    = gal (light) + edhel (elf)

    {M} Thorontil (eagle, sharp point) > Thorontil
    = thoron (eagle) + til (sharp point)

    {M} Aglarom (glory trumpet) > Aglarom
    = agla (glory) + rom (trumpet)

    {M} Luinhîth (blue mist) > Luinhîth
    = luin (blue) + hîth (mist)

    {M} Imrathion (long narrow valley) > Imrathion
    = imrath (long, narrow valley) + ion (son/son of)

    {M} Mithorn (gray tree) > Mithorn
    = mith (gray) + orn (tree)

    {M} Galeniant (light of the bridge) > Galeniant
    = gal (light) + en (of the) + iant (bridge)

    {M} Nornceber (hard stone ridge) > Norngeber
    = norn (hard) + ceber (stone ridge)

    {M} Taenathrad (long thin river crossing) > Taenathrad
    = taen (long, thin) + athrad (river crossing)

    {M} Gîlforod (northern star) > Gîlforod
    = gîl (star) + forod (north)

    {M} Galendôr (light of the land) > Galendôr
    = galen (light) + en (of the) + dôr (land)

    {M} Beleglân (great white) > Belelán
    = beleg (mighty/great) + glân (white)

    {M} Arminas (noble tower) > Arvinas
    = ar- (noble/royal) + minas (tower)

    {F} Dúmelui (lovely night) > Dúmelui
    = dú (dusk/twilight/night) + melui (lovely)

    {F} Arameril (noble rose) > Arameril
    = ara- (noble/royal) + meril (rose)

    {F} Nimmîriel (white jewel maiden) > Nimmîriel
    = nim (white) + mîr (jewel/treasure) + iel (maiden/daughter)

    {M} Nîdhîth (damp mist/wet mist) > Nîdhîth
    = nîd (damp/wet) + hîth (mist)

    {M} Callonion (a hero’s son) > Callonion
    = callon (a hero) + ion (son/son of)

    {M} Orchalion (tall son) > Orchalion
    = orchal (tall) + ion (son/son of)

    {M} Ivrenion (crystalline son) > Ivrenion
    = ivren (crystalline) + ion (son/son of)

    {M} Palanost (far and wide town) > Palanost
    = palan (far and wide) + ost (town/fortress)

    {M} Gaelcalad (glimmering light) > Gaelgalad
    = gael (pale/glimmering) + calad (light)

    {M} Nóruiost (sunny town) > Nóruiost
    = nóru (sunny) + ost (town/fortress)

    {M} Minasdôr (tower land) > Minasdôr
    = minas (tower) + dôr (land)

    {M} Dúluin (midnight blue/dark blue) > Dúluin
    = dú (dusk/twilight/night) + luin (blue)

    {M} Maerhûn (good heart/healthy heart) > Maerchún
    = maer (good/useful) + hûn (physical heart)

    {M} Rimbrethil (host of beech/birch trees) > Rimbrethil
    = rim (a great number/host) + brethil (beech/silver birch trees)

    {M} Gaersûl (sea wind) > Gaersûl
    = gaer (sea) + sûl (wind)


{M} Alyaloxë (Q. blessed hair) > Alyaloxë
= alya (blessed) + loxë (hair)

{M} Anaurë (Q. until daylight) > Anaurë
= an- (until) + aurë (daylight/daytime/day)

{M} Maicalómë (Q. piercing night) > Maicalómë
= maica (sharp/piercing) + lómë (night)

{M} Aurëhim (Q. steadfast daylight) > Aurehim
= aurë (daylight/daytime/day) + him (steadfast)

{M} Néncálë (Q. water light) > Nenocálë (light of water)
= nén (water) + cálë (light)

{M} Calmanár (Q. lamp flame) > Calmanár
= calma (lamp/light) + nár (flame)

{F} Silmeyendë (Q. daughter of starlight) > Silmeyendë
= silmë (starlight) + yendë (daughter)

{F} Andamistë (Q. long fine rain) > Andamistë
= anda (long) + mistë (fine rain)

{F} Valinelda (Q. happy elf) > Valinelda
= valin (happy) + elda (elf)

{F} Erulissë (Q. grace) > Erulissë
= erulissë (grace)

{F} Nénuwen (Q. lily maiden; lit. yellow water lily maiden) > Nénuwen
= nénu (yellow water lily) + wen (maiden)

{M} Vanyanassë (Q. fair thorn/beautiful thorn) > Vanyanassë
= vanya (fair/beautiful) + nassë (thorn)

{M} Elentol (Q. star isle) > Elentol
= elen (star) + tol (island/isle)

{M} Turúnya (Q. to kindle red flame) > Nartarúnya (kindle red flame)
= turu- (to kindle) narta (kindle) + rúnya (red flame)

{M} Élturúva (Q. wooden star) > Elturúva
= él (star) + turúva (wooden)

{M} Helcaurë (Q. icy cold day) > Helcaurë
= helca (ice/icy cold) + aurë (daylight/daytime/day)

{M} Ëartinwë (Q. sea sparkle) > Eärtinwë
= ëar (sea) + tinwë (sparkle)

{M} Núrahelcë (Q. deep ice) > Núrahelcë
= núra (deep) + helcë ( ice)

{M} Aldanan (Q. tree woodland) > Aldanan
= alda (tree) + nan (woodland)

{M} Harailin (Q. near a pool/near a lake) > Harailin
= hara (near) + ailin (pool/lake)

{M} Nitesúrë (Q. moist/dewy wind) > Nitesúrë
= nitë (moist/dewy) + súrë (wind)

{M} Losselen (Q. snow star/snow-white star) > Losselen
= lossë (snow/snow-white) + elen (star)

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on: February 04, 2014 10:43
Oh my giddy aunt that's a lot of names... I can only comment on the Sindarin names as that's my language of choice, you need someone else to comment on your Quenya compounds.

Aearmîr -> Aearvîr
Avornên -> Avornen (no accent on the e in 'nen'). Are you also aware this doesn't mean 'fast' as in 'quick'?
Faelenaur -> Faelenor (au collapses to an o in final position)
Handauth -> Handoth (same here)
Bainaur -> Bainor (and here)
Calenthâr -> Calenthár (vowels get slightly shorter)
Rhûntol -> Rhúndol/Rhúnthol
Taurant -> either remain as is, or Tarant
Hennethrhûn -> Hennethrún
Nînthin -> Ninthin Nîn = wet or tear, not waters.
Mîrnen -> Mírnen
Alagsûl -> Alachúl
Dínenelril -> stars = Elin or Gil. Either will produce a repeated sound.
Aelgond -> Aelond
Maeghiril -> Maechiril
Ladendôl -> Ladendól
Celairmal -> Celairval
Sílagelir -> Sílogelir (can't just use a stem, use the imperative)
Alagsîr -> Alachír
Lotheglîn -> Lothlín
Faenmenel -> Faenvenel
Ivorglîn -> Ivorlín
Aramilui -> Aravilui
Thûlaug -> Thúllaug. This name has the unfortunate circumstance of otherwise looking like 'warm stench'.
Tênendion -> Ténennion
Ûrcabed -> úrgabed

With apologies I shall have to come back to the rest later.
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on: February 04, 2014 02:45
Faelgîl -> Faelíl
Thôrsigil -> Thórhigil
Saingelir -> Sainelir
Luinrî -> Luinrí
Taurêg -> Tarég or Taurég
Encaladon -> Egaladon (if we follow En- mutation) or Engaladon
Cûglaur -> Cúlor (g disappears, and au collapses to o)
Silathan -> this means 'shine beyond' from the verb stem, if you want moon beyond, you want Ithilathan (which is a rather odd name, given it has a preposition in it)
Thalasarn -> Thalahar (RN final letters become R)
Bainauth -> Bainoth
Celonisil -> Celonithil if this is meant to be Sindarin
Bôrnaew -> Bórnaew
Merenaur -> Merenor
Thônendôr -> Thónedór
Serníniel -> there's no such word in Sindarin 'ser', is this meant to be Quenya?
Edhelend -> Edhel means Elf, not stars (yes the two words are intrinsically linked, but it is not the noun for star)
Faelmîth -> Faelvith
Moepeth -> Moebeth (peth only means word, not voice)
Faeniâth -> Faeniáth
Maengîl -> Maenil
Galmenel -> Galvenel or Galwenel
Cugumîr -> Cuguvír
Faunmoe -> Faunvoe
Hinelril -> Hinélril
Sûlhim -> Súlhim
Theningellon -> Thandellon (no such word as Thenin, Thand = true, firm, abiding)
Rhúnsúl -> Rhúnhúl
Balencened -> are you aware that Balan = Ainu? It's not just power.
Nornceber -> Norngeber
Beleglân -> Belelán
Arminas -> Arvinas
Gaelcalad -> Gaelgalad
Maerhûn -> Maerchún
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on: February 04, 2014 05:19
Wow! Thank you for all the help! And so quick, too.

To clarify a few of the names with distinct word discrepancies, I assembled the links to dictionary entries I used and a little explanation. I don't know if it makes any difference in the long run for these particular names, but I just want to make sure. (All the entries are from the CoE Sindarin dictionary.)

Words/Roots & Origins

1) From 'Nînthin' > http://www.councilofelrond.com/dictionary/nin/

2) From 'Dínenelril' > http://www.councilofelrond.com/dictionary/elril/
Also, I'm a little confused what you mean by 'repeated sound'?
stars = Elin or Gil. Either will produce a repeated sound.

3) From 'Celonisil' http://www.councilofelrond.com/dictionary/isil

4) From 'Serníniel' > "ser" was a typo. I meant "sern" (small stone, pebble) and eliminated the second "n" which came from sern + nín http://www.councilofelrond.com/dictionary/sern

5) From 'Edhelend' > "Edhel" as I used it, is from the Appendix of "The Silmarillion" as edited by Christopher Tolkien in 2004. I read the entry on 'êl, elen' incorrectly, failing to pay proper attention to capitalization of the word 'Elda'. If it's uncapitalized, 'elda' means "of the stars" but when it is capitalized, 'Elda' means "elf". That was where I got confused.

6) From 'Moepeth' > http://www.councilofelrond.com/dictionary/peth/

7) From 'Theningellon' > http://www.councilofelrond.com/dictionary/thenin/

Again, thank you so much for helping with all of these! I know it was a huge list, haha.
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on: February 05, 2014 06:22
With respect to this site, some of its words and lessons are outdated. You can use this online dictionary: http://www.elfdict.com/ or my own is https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22676988/Sindarin-English%20Dictionary.doc. Sern is the plural of Sarn, for instance, and the other entries are also incorrect.

Dínenelril -> as you wanted it to mean 'silent bright stars', the name in correct form will either be Dínenelenril or Dinengilril. The former has the repeated 'en' sound and the latter has the repeated 'il' sound. That's all I meant.
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on: February 05, 2014 05:11
Yes, I'm beginning to gather that, hehe. Thank you for the dictionary links! I think I'm in love, lol. Oh and I looked at descriptions/lessons for lenited words, so I finally understand why certain letters had to change. (Not that I know all the ways they change yet, haha. That will take some time to learn.)

Ah, I see what you mean about the reapeated sound. If I made sure the meaning is for one star, could I still use Dínenelril? (or would the 'el' have an accent...?)

For 'Balencened' I wanted the name to describe really good vision or something very similar. Maybe 'maer' would work instead?

On 'Serníniel', what about Nenvrithon/Brithonen? brithon apparently means 'pebbly'. So... 'pebbly water'?

As for Aearmír/Aearvír, could I instead use Míraear?
I also kind of like the look of it in Quenya: Mírëar.
(I know your language of choice is Sindarin, but if anyone checks the Quenya names, I would hope they see this option, too. )
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on: February 06, 2014 12:04
As for Aearmír/Aearvír, could I instead use Míraear?

Yes. From what we can gather about Sindarin names, there aren't any hard and fast 'rules' per se. We know that adjectives can be in either position (though they tend to more often follow the English in pre-determiner position as opposed to the normal Sindarin post).

Ah, I see what you mean about the reapeated sound. If I made sure the meaning is for one star, could I still use Dínenelril? (or would the 'el' have an accent...?)

Yip it would be él.

For 'Balencened' I wanted the name to describe really good vision or something very similar. Maybe 'maer' would work instead

Righty ho. Definitely don't use balan then!
Maecheneb = Sharp-eyed.

On 'Serníniel', what about Nenvrithon/Brithonen? brithon apparently means 'pebbly'. So... 'pebbly water'?

Brith = Gravel
Brithnen = Gravel water, Nenvrith = Water of gravel
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on: February 06, 2014 04:50
I really cannot thank you enough for all of your help, Galadivren. Many, many thanks for your work and patience! (And the dictionaries, of course. )

Now I just need someone with a preference for Quenya to look over the few remaining names.
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on: February 09, 2014 01:55
I have two general remarks:
- in Quenya a long vowel cannot be followed by more than one consonant, so *Néncálë is impossible, it would have to be Nencálë
- the diaeresis is not mandatory (some writers do omit it altogether) but when you use it, it is only written on a final -ë; and on an ë in the combinations oë and ëa (and in the exceptional case of a word beginning in ëa it is put on the a: Eä)

I also have a grammatical remark: Quenya is an inflected language, this means that a word can change endings instead of using a preposition, e.g. neno means "of water". So if you want to express "light of water" you could better use Nenocálë, or "light for water" might be Nenencálë, ...

Yassë engë lómë, anarties calali.
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on: February 12, 2014 01:59
Thank you, dirk_math.

Based on your comments, I think these are changes I need to make:

    Aurëhim > Aurehim

    Néncálë > Nenocálë (I like 'light of water', it sounds better.)

    Turúnya > Nartarúnya (I just found out that "turu-" (to kindle) is Qenya of old, so I changed to "narta" (kindle) instead.

    Élturúva > Elturúva

    Ëartinwë > Eärtinwë

Does that look right?
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on: February 12, 2014 02:38
Yes, it looks very good!
Yassë engë lómë, anarties calali.
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