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Post How to ask for a translation?
on: March 05, 2015 01:32
I would like to ask if someone would translate an English phrase for me into Sindarin. Whether it be out of the goodness of their hearts or as a paid translation. Is this acceptable on these forums and what would be the accepted way to solicit for a translator?

Thanks! I did not want to just spam out a request without checking for the proper site etiquette.

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on: March 05, 2015 02:54
Hi ransackery, welcome to CoE. For Sindarin translations, you should head over to the Sindarin forum. There's a translation thread on top of that forum, where you can ask for help . We have many members here who know the language or are studying it, they'll be willing to help you at no cost . Good luck!
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on: October 15, 2020 05:43
How can I help you with your translation?
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