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Post Not related with Tolkien or his works,just another Game!
on: March 04, 2017 12:03
So,I've been playing this game on the PS3 for a year now,and I wanted to share it with you guys. This game is called the Last Of Us,and was developed by Naughty Dog,the same company that made Uncharted.Because I'm pretty sure a lot of you don't know this,I'll give you some story info. So,you're Joel,the main character of the game. You have a daughter named Sarah (all happens in 2013) and you're caught in a zombie outbreak that occurs on the birthday of Joel. Sarah dies,and the game jumps 20 years only to find Joel with another female character, Tess.You with Tess go on a journey to get some guns you owned but you gave them to a former friend of yours,and to mention that you live in a protected area under the martial law of the Military. You smuggle your way out of the city to find your stolen guns,but come across a leader of the Fireflies,a group of people that are working on a cure and are against the Military.She gets you to her place and asks you to carry Ellie to a specified place.When you do go to that place,the group of Fireflies that was waiting for you there is dead.Tess was bitten by zombies on the way to the place,and sacrifices herself to get Joel and Ellie time to escape from the military. After a lot of story stuff you reach a beachy place with a boat. If you go onto tht boat,you'll find a note from Ish.Moving further, you go to the sewers to find his hideout.After some more notes and storyline,you are informed that one of his crew left a door and a lot of zombies went in,killed a lot of his group. He escaped with another character and some children,and his last note is found in a house outside of the sewers,implying that he escaped,but doesn't know what to do and where to go. From there, all contact with Ish is cut off and we don't anything about what happened to him.So I'm asking for your opinions,tell me what you think about it,do you think he survived or he died? Also,you can google it and find more details about Ish or The Last Of Us in general. Anyways,I'm going to be waiting for your answers!
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