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Post Speakable Elvish?
on: April 10, 2017 10:04
Mae govannen, gwedeir a gwethil.

I've recently started learning Sindarin and was wondering if it existed as a living language. From all I've searched people say that it's only artistic as Tolkien intended, and that elvish cannot be spoken actively, like a regular language like italian or english.

However I also read that some have spent their free time developing neo-sindarin, a spoken language based on tolkien's sindarin. This new language wouldn't be limited to expressions of poetry but be functional as a complete language.

Does anybody know if there exists a form of elvish that can be learned as a living language?

Much obliged
Inuneth xx
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on: April 10, 2017 10:28
Neo-Sindarin and Neo-Quenya can be learned as if they were a living language. But like Esperanto, there are of course no shops or countries where you can use them in daily life.
Using them in role playing or for fun is certainly possible as long as you find enough friends who would like to study the language. But as a caveat: if you want to learn them as if they were living languages, they will be just as difficult as learning an ordinary living language.

I've tried to make a course for Neo-Quenya that looks like an ordinary language course, it can be found at: http://quenyaenglish.skynetblogs.be/archive/2013/07/11/lesson-a-tengwar-7867308.html
Yassë engë lómë, anarties calali.
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