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Post The Lost Tribes Rp
on: April 10, 2018 08:48

Something dark is coming, but not after the kingdom of men. No, it wasn't interested in them; it doesn't even look at the dwarves. Rather, it is after the elves.

A shadow in the night
A messenger of strife
It comes as it pleases
Leaves when it's easiest
Not a solid form
From the smoke it was born
It seeks it prey
Going after the Firstborn today.

Some may have dismissed it, seeing the elves as the dominate race, unable to be stopped.

Those fools were wrong. Tribes of elves disappeared without a trace. Going through a pass and never coming out. The Pass was called Cinder Pass, where anyone whom went through were never seen again.

The creature of darkness grows stronger. It is time to find the lost tribes, bring them back to their full strength. Some are of the light, some are of the night, but didn't use their powers for evil.

Not all will be happy about the tribes being returned, but the elves must be able to work together to chase away the creature that strives to tear them apart.

Will you join in the war? Or will the chaos of darkness consume you?
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