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Post Traduction of sentence
on: June 10, 2018 10:19
Hi guys, I really need your help, I´m new in the forum and I´m struggling the last two days to find a simple translation of ''beautiful lady'' in elvish, most of the sites and apps who do translations are not really clear if the words are Quenya or Sindarin and it seems that there are more than one translation to theses words ,so I don´t know which one would be proper, I´d like to know if someone could give me this translation in both languages ( Quenya and Sindarin) and I´d very thankful with this help!! The reason is that Valentine´s day is around the corner in Brazil (in three days) and I had the idea of presenting my girlfriend (who is a great Tolkien´s fan) with a ring with this name written in Elvish letters, actually the name is a quibble with her name that is ''Isabella'' and ''bela'' means beautiful in portuguese, I have only two days to buy and engrave this on the ring, So If someone answer me as soon as possible I really appreciate this!!
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on: July 25, 2018 07:24
In Quenya it is "vanya heri".
Yassë engë lómë, anarties calali.
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