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Post The Fall of Gondolin
on: September 19, 2018 12:37
Anyone else finding this to be a hard to read story?
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on: September 20, 2018 03:18
Good to see you here again, PbHf!

FoG is, as I kind of expected, very much like "Beren and LĂșthien" from last year: (almost) nothing in it written by JRRT has not been published previously either in UT or HoMe. It collects in a single volume variants of the story spread over several books in the above, with some new commentary by CRT. Only if I try to think (very probably imperfectly) like a (copyright) lawyer do things in the central legal (and police investigation) question make sense: cui bono?

The Sil was originally published in 1977, UT in 1980, and the last volume of HoMe in 1996 (and was mainly about LoTR). Discussions about "the-Sil-as-movie" here and elsewhere have basically come to the conclusion that it, taken as a whole, is very much unfilmable (to exaggerate: make a movie out of the Encyclopedia Britannica). But now, the three main stories (all involving human heroes) have been published as single volumes: CoH 2007, B&L 2017, and FoG 2018. That pushed back the date when this stuff becomes public domain by decades. Assuming this cynical view (well, what else do lawyers do?) to be true, from what might be CRT's view this pushes any possibility of the movie industry being able to do anything way back by decades. As CRT has now resigned (late 2017) from some functions of the Tolkien Estate / Trust, with other, younger generations of the Tolkien family coming to the fore, the effect could be to enhance their bargaining power (which usually translates into $$$) with the slavering media parasites.
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