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Feanor is evil
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Post The lore of Ungoliant and an in depth explanation for what she was.
on: April 16, 2019 08:05

The lore of Ungoliant, the first great spider of Arda. A primordial evil spirit from the dark void, mother to Shelob and the spiders of nan dungortheb, destroyer of the two trees of Valinor and one of the few who fought Morgoth. This episode will also used evidence from the Silmarillion, Morgoth’s ring and the Book of Lost Tales for a extremely in depth answer to one of the most argued questions of Tolkien’s legendarium, what was Ungoliant? Was she a Maia? A nameless thing as Gandalf would say? Learn from this episode how a unique perspective might hold the answer.

PS: Balrog's do not have

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