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Title: Wading Elf
Submitted By: admin
Date: May 7, 2003


  1. Lórien~Telrúnya
    June 27, 2003

    This picture is really cool too, I love the armor, the weapons, and I think the eyes are sweet.

  2. Avatar
    July 5, 2003

    Wow! I really like it! Do you have any other website with your art on it?

  3. Avatar
    September 17, 2003

    Wouldnt Theanduil(in the other picture) be proud!

  4. Avatar
    September 21, 2003

    I love the armor that you’ve given Legolas. I always thought that he’d have an awesome suit of armor

  5. Avatar
    September 21, 2003

    And since I’m lazy: I like all your drawings that are posted here! Hope to see more from you soon!

  6. Avatar
    October 11, 2003

    its cool to see the pic of legolas as a boy with is father and other elf then this 1 it shows he has grown up

  7. Avatar
    November 23, 2003

    All of your pics, are amazing! All I have to say is, you have to draw a wider veriaty

  8. Avatar
    January 11, 2004

    I like the leaf design on his ‘tights’. Always thought Legolas should have worn more armour in the film

  9. Avatar
    February 1, 2004


  10. Avatar
    February 7, 2004

    I love the armor! It’s amazing!

  11. Avatar
    March 7, 2004

    Love the attention to detail. Quite impressive.

  12. Avatar
    March 18, 2004

    Androgynous or No I love it

  13. Avatar
    April 6, 2004

    Loving your artwork (and vocabulary)…

  14. Avatar
    July 11, 2004

    thank you for not making elves wimpy

  15. Avatar
    November 20, 2004

    i love the eyes and the raised eyesbrows hee hee =)

  16. Avatar
    January 6, 2005

    Yeah, he’s very masculine, but still has that graceful Elf look. But no one could call him ‘androgynous’!

  17. Avatar
    February 1, 2005

    I must agree with you he is not androbynous. Really awsome work.

  18. Avatar
    June 27, 2005

    Graceful elf, but definitely androgynous. Maybe it’s Legolas’s twin sister! (lol)

  19. Itarilde_Perianedhel
    August 21, 2005

    What a lovely LOVELY elf…

  20. Avatar
    September 1, 2005

    Great armor, but I must admit that the face is too feminine for my taste, especially with the very manly neck.

  21. Avatar
    September 1, 2005

    However, the technique and sense of design overall is excellent.

  22. Avatar
    October 14, 2005

    Eyes are kinda creepy but I think it’s great.

  23. Itarilde_Perianedhel
    October 29, 2005

    i have to comment agian because i don’t think i stressed the sexiness of this here elf. i know it’s slightly

  24. Itarilde_Perianedhel
    October 29, 2005

    creepy, but i believe i am developing an infatuation with him.

  25. Itarilde_Perianedhel
    November 3, 2005

    yes, i do believe that he is my sixth true love. the artist should feel honored.

  26. Avatar
    July 7, 2009

    Really good!

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