Ch 11: Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of the Valinor.

The Valar’s reactions to the flight of the Noldor

– The Valar grieved for the marring of Feanor.
– Manwe wept openly when Feanor’s reply came to him from his messengers but on hearing the last word of Feanor that the deeds should live in song for ever and Manwe said ‘Dear-bought those songs shall be accounted and yet well-bought. For the price could be no other.’
– Mandos foretells Feanor’s death by saying, ‘To me shall Feanor come soon.’

The Death of the Trees

– Yavanna and Nienna put forth all power to growth and healing of the trees, yet Nienna’s tears did not heal the wounds and Yavanna sang alone in the shadows until her song faltered.
– As hope failed, Telperion bore a single silver flower and Laurelin a single fruit of gold, these Yavanna took and the trees died.

Of the Sun and the Moon

– These were given to Aule and Manwe hallowed them.
– Aule and his people made vessels to hold and preserve their radiance.
– Varda was then given them she set gave them the power to traverse the lower regions of Ilmen and they became lamps of the heaven outshining the stars as they were nearer to Arda.
– Varda set them upon appointed courses about the girdle of the Earth from West unto the East and to return.
– The course was set to light ME and therefore hinder the deeds of Morgoth, the Valar did this remembering the Elder who remained by the waters of their awakening, the Noldor although exiled and the Men who were soon to awaken.
– ‘Isil the Sheen the Vanyar the old named the Moon, flower of Telperion in Valinor; and Anar the Fire-golden, fruit of Laurelin, they named the Sun. But the Noldor named them also Rana, the Wayward, and Vasa, the Heart of Fire, that awakens and consumes; for the Sun was set as a sign for the awakening of Men and the waning of the Elves, but the Moon cherishes their memory.’

Of Arien

– Arien was from a spirit of fire, one of whom Morgoth had not drawn into his service and her eyes were too bright for the elder to look upon.
– In the days of the Trees she had attended the golden flowers of Vana, watering them with the dews of Laurelin.
– Arien was chosen of the Valar to guide the vessel of the Sun, for as she was of a spirit of fire, she unafraid and unharmed by the heats of Laurelin.
– So leaving the Valar, Arien became a naked flame and forsook the form and raiment she had worn there.

Of Tilion

– Tilion was not as mighty as Arien and was ever drawn to her splendour.
– He was a hunter in the company of Orome and he bore a silver bow. He had a great love of silver and when in need of rest, forsook the woods of Orome to lay in Lorien, in a dream by the pools of Este, in the flickering beams of Telperion.
– Tilion begged to be given the task of protecting the flower of silver.

The Rising of the Moon

– Isil first rose into the realm of stars and was the elder of the new lights, awaking many things from sleep of Yavanna.
– The servants of Morgoth looked at the Moon in amazement and the Elves of the Outer lands gazed on it with delight.
– Fingolfin at this time let blow his silver trumpet and began his march into Middle Earth.
– Tilion traversed the heaven 7 times and was in the east when Arien rose.

The Rising of the Sun

– After the vessel was made ready Arien rose in glory and the first dawn of Middle Earth was seen.
– The Sun kindled the clouds of Middle Earth and the first waterfalls were heard.
– Morgoth was dismayed and went into the depths of Angband; there he sent a great reek and dark cloud to hide his land from the Sun.

The Course of the Sun and the Moon

– The vessels were purposed by Varda to be ever aloft but not together.
– Each passed from the Valinor to the east and returned, but so as when one was in the east the other could be seen in the west.
– Once a day in the middle of the earth the two met and the light was mingled like that of the trees.
– Tilion being ever drawn to Arien’s splendour, kept an uncertain speed and was wayward in his travels.
– Lorien and Este sent prayers saying that the stars were hidden and rest banished from the Earth.
– Varda changed her counsel, Anar was therefore to rest in the Valinor a while on the bosom of the Outer Sea, so as the world was given shadow and half light.
– Anar however was soon drawn down by the servants of Ulmo and beneath the earth, coming unseen to the east.
– Varda than commanded the Moon the travel in like manner.
– Tilion being still drawn to Arien went at an uncertain pace, so both at times may be seen together and also occasionally his shadow cuts her brightness and there is darkness amid day.

Morgoth’s reaction to the Lights

– Morgoth hated the lights and was confused by this action of the Valar
– He therefore assailed Tilion, ending spirits to shadow him but Tilion was victorious.
– Morgoth feared Arien and did not attack her for he lacked the power for it as he sent his might into his servants and it was dispersed, therefore he became more unwilling to come out from his dark strongholds.
– The lands near Morgoth’s dwelling were shrouded in fumes and great clouds and Morgoth hid himself with shadows from Arien.

The Hiding of the Valinor

– Seeing the assault upon Tilion, the Valar, being unwilling to make war upon Morgoth in Middle Earth fortified their land, raising the mountain-walls to dreadful heights in the East, North and South.
– One pass, Calacirya led through to the Valinor, it was left open because those of the elder race must breathe the outer air and wind from the sea.
– Calacirya was fortified with strong towers and sentinels and no creature coming from Middle Earth could pass.

The Enchanted Isles

– These Isles were set at this time and strung as a net in the Shadowy Seas, before from the North to the South, Tol Eressea, the Lonely Isle.
– Any mariners who tried to pass these islands were overcome with great weariness and loathed the sea, the waves sighed upon dark rocks in the mist and any who ventured onto one of these islands became entrapped and fell into a sleep until the change of the world.
– None save the greatest mariner of song has ever passed through the Enchanted Isles.

Thus the Valinor was shut against the Noldor

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